Smurf Bubble Shooter Story – Worth Playing Puzzle Game

Posted on August 22, 2021
Smurfs Bubble Magical Forest

One of the best ways to destress and relax after a tiring day at work or school is to play puzzle games. They’re simple and easy to play, which means you don’t have to think a lot, allowing your brains to relax. Puzzle games are also quick to play, meaning you can complete a level in less than 5 minutes. This provides you with quick satisfaction for completing a level. One good puzzle game that you can play is Smurf Bubble Shooter Story.

It’s a casual puzzle game that involves cute and small blue elf-like creatures. You might be asking, what’s great about this game? It’s just a typical bubble shooter game, so what’s special about it? Well, this is not just your typical bubble shooter. Yes, the main gameplay is bubble shooting, but this game offers so much more than that. And this is what we’ll discuss in this blog post. We’ll see what Smurf Bubble Shooter Story is all about, so you’ll see why it’s a great puzzle game to play.

Reasons To Play Smurf Bubble Shooter Story

There are many fun and exciting bubble shooter games available, so why play Smurf Bubble Shooter Story? There are several reasons for that, and we’ll discuss them in this section.

There’s A Building Component In the Game

Probably one of the best reasons why Smurf Bubble Shooter Story is such a fun game to play is that it’s more than just a puzzle game. Playing bubble shooter may be the main gameplay, but this puzzle game also offers a building component. That’s right; you also get to construct buildings in this game. You earn berries whenever you play the bubble shooter.

Then, you use the berries to construct various buildings and try to rebuild the Smurfs’ homes. You’re playing for more than just completing levels and getting a high score. You also play to earn resources and rebuild the Smurf’s hometown. The great thing about the building game is that you construct new buildings; you can also redecorate existing ones. Some Smurfs will also request a new building. Just tap them to fulfill their request.
Smurf Bubble Shooter Story Game


It Has a Good Story

Another good reason Smurf Bubble Shooter Story is a puzzle game worth playing is its story. When you first play this game, there will be a short prologue, which shows you what happened to Smurf village and why it was destroyed. After that, you then seek out to rescue the kidnapped Smurfs and then restore the village.

You rescue the kidnapped Smurfs through the bubble shooter game. There are levels where you will see a Smurf trapped in a bubble. You rescue them when you complete the level and shoot down all the bubbles. This added layer makes the game more enjoyable to play. You can feel that there’s more at stake with this bubble shooter than just shooting down bubbles.

Collect Different Smurf Characters

The rescued Smurfs don’t just disappear after you save them; they become part of the village that you are reestablishing. There are more than 150 Smurf characters for you to rescue and collect. This would include many favorite and popular characters like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, Clumsy Smurf, and many more. But the Smurfs are not just residents of the Smurf village you are reconstructing.

They can also help you in the bubble shooter game since they each possess unique powers. For example, Smurfette’s power will transform the bubble you’re using into a powered-up bubble that can take out multiple bubbles at once. The great thing about it is the powered-up bubble is not color specific. This means that you can shoot it on any bubble, and it will destroy it. You need to fill the meter of the Smurf that’s assisting you.

To do this, pop the bubbles with a similar symbol to those on the Smurf’s meter. Once it’s filled, you can activate it. This will be very helpful, especially in the higher levels when the puzzle is more challenging. Each Smurf will have unique abilities, rescue them and discover what their unique skills are.
Smurf Bubble Shooter Gameplay


Final Thoughts

You can see that Smurf Bubble Shooter Story is more than just your typical bubble shooter game. It has a compelling story for you to enjoy, it has a building component, and you get to collect Smurfs as well. The Smurfs will also help you out when you’re playing bubble shooter since they possess extraordinary abilities. The special skills will make it easier and quicker for you to burst bubbles on the board.

You also don’t just build and reconstruct the Smurf Village. You can also redecorate and improve already existing buildings. It’s a fun and exciting game to play. And you definitely won’t regret downloading and playing Smurf Bubble Shooter Story.

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