Tears of Themis Walkthrough – Beginner’s Guide with Useful Tips

Posted on August 24, 2022
Tearsofthemis Useful Tips

Tears of Themis is a detective-themed and romance simulation game published by miHoYO. Released last July 2020, this sim game will immerse you on an exciting journey through the innovative world of Stellis. Here, you’ll be set in an unnamed character and work for a Themis Law Firm. In this exhilarating game, you’re tasked with solving different mysterious cases while integrating romance perspectives into the storyline. And with our Tears of Themis Walkthrough, you’ll better understand its overall gameplay.

Furthermore, you’ll get a chance to play with four ideal husband material characters: Artem Wing, Marius Von Hagen, Vyn Richter, and Luke Pearce. In Tears of Themis, your main goal is establishing a relationship with one of the four love interests mentioned while effectively doing your job as a lawyer.


Tears of Themis – Exciting Story & Gameplay

In playing Tears of Themis, you’ll be working with an energy system in your main campaign. This system refills slowly over time, and you need this energy system to progress in the story, such as solving cases as a neophyte of the Themis firm.

As you play the campaign, you’ll notice that the game is massively driven in narrative format, and you’ll get a chance to track the game with text-based scenes or voice dialogues. To help you start the game in Tears of Themis, let this Tears of Themis Walkthrough assist you in the first phase of the game.

Tears Of Themis Law Firm


Tears of Themis Walkthrough – Start the Game

Take note that playing Tears of Themis is not too complex for you not to understand. But, if you wish to understand the game better, it will be best if you’ll immerse yourself in the tutorial process to figure out what the game wants you to do. After the tutorial, you’ll jump right into the first episode.

Tears of Themis – Surpass Effectively the Episode 1

In episode 1, titled “The Hand That Feeds,” you’ll get a chance to know the main story in X-note to give a better understanding to the players. To effectively surpass episode 1, here are some spoilers you can use during the first part of the game. If you’re not interested in some hints, you can skip this part of the article and proceed to the valuable tips immediately.

In this episode, you’re tasked to do your job and defend an old bistro owner who’s being sued by one of his customers due to food poisoning. The truth behind this case is that the old resto owner is innocent and is being framed up. So, you’ll figure out what the game wants from you, including finding relevant objects in the room to prove the innocence of the restaurant owner.

Once you’re about to attend a court session, you need to present all pieces of evidence you’ve collected. So here are the evidence you need to have for your client;

  • Insecticide 330 receipt
  • Front door surveillance
  • Water dispenser
  • Audio recording of Pedro’s Confession


Tears Of Themis Episode 1


Tears of Themis – Useful Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to progress in the game effectively;

1. Carefully Read the Stories in Each Episode

The key point to play better Tears of Themis is through its stories. If you skip the stories, you’ll have difficulty progressing to the next chapter. Furthermore, you’ll have a challenging time solving the cases. Aside from effectively knowing the game, you can also get awesome rewards once you accomplish the story.

2. Learn How to Refill Your AP

As mentioned above, playing Tears of Themis involves spending energy. Therefore, you should know how to refill your energy to accomplish or play longer. One way to do that is by getting energy drinks. A small energy drink can give you 30 APs, while the large one can provide 60 APs.

3. Opt for the Free Rewards

There are times that game provides amazing rewards right in your mailbox. Don’t miss the chance to earn the “Server Launch Rewards” and get tenTears of Themis, 200 pieces of S-chips, and more. In addition, you can also opt for event rewards that can help you progress quickly in story mode.

4. Utilize the Magnifying Glass for More Clues

As you take more into the episodes in Tears of Themis, you’re tasked to investigate and find relevant pieces of evidence for your client. If you’re having trouble finding the clues, you can access the magnifying glass at the top right corner of your screen.

5. Be Mindful of the Mechanics of the Debate

In playing Tears of Themis, debates are a significant part of the game. If you wish to progress in the game, it will be best if you’ll defeat your opponents through debates. During debates, you’ll notice some colored cards that will give you an idea of the current power of the argument; blue, red, and green.

Take note that blue can defeat red cards while red cards can counter green ones. Lastly, green can defeat blue cards. As you immerse yourself in a debate, you’ll be given at least one card in each color to achieve a balanced deck.

6. Deploy Various Cards Corresponding to Your Debate Waves

In the first wave, it’s highly recommended to utilize the weaker cards, including the SR and R cards. For the succeeding waves, deploying your powerful SSR cards is more effective as your enemies opt for only a point to you.

7. Boost Your Weak Cards

Even though you’ve already got SSR and SR cards, it doesn’t mean that you will not take into consideration the weak R cards. If you’re dealing with a not-so-powerful opponent, it’s best to use cards that are not too powerful as well. In this case, you can choose the R and SR cards and try your best to empower them to defeat your weak enemies quickly.

8. Determine the Cards You Need to Enhance

When talking about upgrading card skills, it’s highly recommended to prioritize enhancing SR and SSR cards. You should upgrade the damage dealt instead of the defense. If you wish to be stronger, it’s best to prioritize the damage skills of your rare cards. So try to focus more on your offensive skills instead of the defensive if you wish to finish your debates more quickly.

Tears Of Themis Enhanced Cards


Let This Tears of Themis Walkthrough Help You

So, there you have it! We hope this Tears of Themis Walkthrough helped you understand the game better, especially in its early phase. For more information, updates, additional tips, and tricks about this awesome simulation game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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