The Ants Underground Kingdom Guide – What Every Player Must Know

Posted on July 21, 2022
The Ants Every Player Must Know

The Ants Underground Kingdom is a famous base-building strategy game published by StarUnion last April 2021. If you’re looking for a game that offers exquisite detailed strategic gameplay and stunning graphics, then this game will surely fit your preferences. In this game, you’ll play the role of the Ultimate Ant Ruler, and your mission is to lead your colony into greatness and defend it against all possible enemies. So if you wish to understand the game better and know how to advance in the game more effectively, let this The Ants Underground Kingdom Guide help you.

The Ants Underground Kingdom – Understanding Your Tasks

Before you start in The Ants Underground Kingdom, let’s first know your tasks in playing this strategy game. Here, your missions are to build the colony, upgrade the queen, and breed ant troops.

Additionally, it’s your task to develop special ants, broaden your base and join an active alliance. Once you reach level 9, you can also start getting involved in PvP and Alliance battles and events. The question now is, how will you fulfill your tasks or mission? Primarily, you can start progressing by immersing yourself in various chapter quests and special events.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Guide

Check out our guide for The Ants Underground Kingdom Guide for newbies and seasoned players alike;

Master the Game By Immersing to Chapter Quests

If you want to understand The Ants Underground Kingdom and gather important information, then don’t miss getting into chapter quests. By participating and surpassing chapter quests, you can quickly unlock loads of chances to grow and expand your ant colony. In The Ants Underground Kingdom, you’re free to choose which objectives you wish to complete first, regardless of any order you want. As a tip, it will be better to follow the chapter goals at the beginning. In every quest you fulfill, you’ll get significant rewards that you can use to upgrade and develop your ant colony.


Don’t Miss the Special Events

If you want to boost your progression in The Ants Underground Kingdom, you must not miss participating in various special events that can be beneficial to you. To check the ongoing events, you can simply navigate the icon in the upper right corner of your gaming screen. Usually, these special events enable you to meet a goal or take on a mission for days.

Strategically Plan Your Ant Colony’s Layout

If you’re familiar with the usual base builder games, you’ll surely understand the importance of layout in this game. Here, you need to plan and organize the ant colony layout strategically. As the game progresses, you need to opt for more spaces and new buildings.

Organizing the layout is not as easy as you think. You need to rearrange your structures to ensure the defense of your colony. Moreover, take note that your Queen and the resource spots are not immovable. To organize your colony, you must click the structure for a long time and drag it to a place you wish it to be situated.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Ant Colony


Opt for Sufficient Resources

As you play The Ants Underground Kingdom, you need to do loads of digging to build your structure. If you want to free up more space for your colony, it’s best to dig up new spaces. In addition, digging into these places can give you opportunities to earn more resource spots and treasures and even discover enemies. Once your colony achieves a Sentinel Tree, this tree will serve as a highlight for your colony.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Resources


Checking Your Ants’ Population

If you want to build an anthill and generate more Honeydew, you must always check your ant population. In The Ants Underground Kingdom, the Aphid is renowned as a facility for supplying Honeydew. Therefore, you should upgrade this facility to come up with more Honeydew. To elevate your Aphid, you must have at least a 6,500 Ant Population.

To boost up your Ant Population, it’s best to enhance the ant nest facility on the anthill. Do this by navigating the button in the lower-right part of the screen, click the ant population, followed by the worker ant nest, and build.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Honeydew


Attack the Enemy Camp

Like you, there are also numerous colonies around your base. So you must ensure that your colony is ready to withstand any attack. To prepare yourself for possible battles, it’s highly recommended to double-check your base from its defense and skills to defeat the enemies.

Boosting Your Colony By Participating in Activities

If you want to meet your goal of upgrading your colony, it will be best if you immerse yourself in various activities available. One of the effective ways to boost your colony is by attacking your enemy’s base, especially those who don’t have a shield.

To do this, you can start scouting by navigating the map. From there, find an enemy nest that you can attack. Aside from navigating the location of your enemy’s nest, scouting enables you to access the information of your enemy from its power, resources, and abilities.

Getting to Know the Special Ants

As you play The Ants Underground Kingdom, there are two types of special ants; the Develop and the War Type ants. When we say War Type ants, these are ants used for battles, while Develop types are responsible for collecting resources outside the nest and opt for special bonuses.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Supreme Hatch

Aside from the mentioned special ants, there are different kinds of special ants you can consider having in your colony. You can have Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange ants. To achieve special ants, you need to acquire them from the special nest. You can track the special nest through its facility in the nest base and search from the three banners; the Normal, Advanced, and Supreme hatch.

When we say hatch ants, this signifies the number of ants that rise and fall from the ant empires. As you progress in The Ants Underground Kingdom, you should hatch as many ants as possible. These ants play an essential role in developing your colony by fighting against the enemies, collecting resources, and bolstering your territory.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Guide Verdict

So, there you have it! We hope that The Ants Underground Kingdom guide helped you a lot in playing this engaging yet challenging base-building strategy title. For more updates and information about this famous strategy game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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