The Best Endless Running Games For PC To Love

Posted on December 13, 2021
The Best Endless Runners On The Highway

Endless running games have been one of the best types of video games you can play today. These are filled with action, but the gameplay is very simple. All you need is to direct your characters left and right to avoid obstacles. At the same time, they can jump or slide if something is in their way. But some elements will set them apart from other endless running games. Ever since the inception of Temple Run, endless runners have occupied the gaming industry. You get to enjoy the same gameplay but with various storylines that make them unique and exciting.

Aside from Temple Run, there are so many adventures and action-packed endless runner games you can find on the market today. The best part is you get to enjoy them all for free. Here, we have the perfect list of endless running games for pc that you can download on your big screens. You can then experience endless runners using your keyboard on a bigger screen for a more enhanced game experience. These are perfect for people who are looking for a game that can help them kill time while pushing them to their limits. You can find all of these and more below.

Getting to Know the Beauty of Endless Runner Games

Endless runner games come in various themes. There are adventure-themed runner games, action-packed runner games, mythical runner games, and so much more. Of course, these all vary when it comes to the elements that the developers add to the gameplay. And good for you because we have the ideal list of endless runner games for you to choose from. These are composed of some of the newest and exciting runner games in the market today. So if you’re a huge fan of these types of games, make sure to check out the list we have curated below just for you!

1. Blades of Brim

If you love action and adventure, then Blades of Brim is the best endless runner game for you. It has the elements of hack n slash to it, making it more exciting and unique. In addition, you get to unlock and choose your magical pets, pick a hero, collect loot, and dive into an adventurous journey into the magical world of Brim.
blades of brim download PC

From the developers of Subway Surfers, SYBO Games, Blades of Brim is another fast-paced endless runner that you don’t want to miss out on. It takes place in the world of Brim, which is under the army of Goon. Hack your way through the invading horde as you slide and jump to collect coins. Choose the best heroes and magical pets to ensure you have the best endless runner experience.

2. Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

Gingerbread men are famous during the holidays, especially at Christmas. These are the perfect snacks to eat that you can dunk in hot cocoa or milk. But what if these guys have a mind of their own and are alive just like us? Well, you must discover the wonders of Cookie Run Ovenbreak! Your main goal is to help the poor Gingerbread man escape the burning oven from baking him to death.
cookie run ovenbreak coins

It’s one of the yummiest endless runner games, but you don’t get to eat the cookie characters. Instead, you help them run from the fiery fires of the oven. Developed by Devsisters Corporation, your goal is to collect those coins and jellybeans. But mind your energy because it runs out. So you need to collect more of those, which are scattered across the conveyor belt.

3. Shortcut Run

Shortcut Run may look like it’s easy to play, but it has very complex mechanics. It’s a multiplayer endless runner game where you need to run through tracks and collect floorboards to cross the course. But you need to make sure that you get to the finish line to win. Your main goal is to make use of shortcuts to win and defeat other players.
shortcut run download free

You’re already ahead in the game by collecting the boards, which you will put over the bridge to cross. But since the planks are not infinite, you need to go back and get some more.

4. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the most exciting endless runner games ever made. Next to Temple Run, it has made its mark in the video game industry. The overall goal is to jump, slide, and run through the train tracks as you avoid the inspector and his dog. You get to choose from many heroes and other items to help you in your journey.
subway surfer game

Ever since it became a household name, millions of players have been enjoying this fantastic game. So if you want to know more, make sure to download the PC-optimized version on your PC. Get it here now.

5. Mad Runner

A new type of running challenge is here. Mad Runner is an endless runner game where you get to run and parkour your way through the various obstacles. Players are free to traverse an excellent 3D environment. Of course, these environments have a unique layout complete with obstacles.
Mad Runner Download Pc

The characters have built-in emotes, and you get to use a checkpoint system in the game. So grab as many coins as you can to unlock all types of characters in the game. So if you think you have what it takes to become a Mad Runner, download it now on your PC.

Final Thoughts

If you love a good, old-running challenge, these five top endless runner games are perfect for you. We have chosen some of the best, all of which you can download on your PC. Just visit this page to get them all now.

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