The Walking Dead Survivors Game Guide – What Every Player Must Know

Posted on July 3, 2022
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Last April 12, 2022, Galaxy Play Technology Limited published an intense zombie strategy game titled The Walking Dead Survivors. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of TWD or have already played zombie apocalypse strategy games, you’ll surely figure out that you need to deal immensely with loads of flesh-eaters and even humans alike. Furthermore, we have The Walking Dead Survivors Game Guide for you to use!

But, what sets this strategy game apart from the usual zombie games is that you’ll need to build and develop your own settlement, recruit survivors, and deal against human and undead opponents. In this immersive multiplayer online RTS game, you’ll play the role of one of the survivors, and you need to build adequate facilities such as troop training camps, production buildings, hospitals, and more. Moreover, take note that each facility depicts a unique function that can massively affect your progress.

So, the question now is how to play The Walking Dead Survivors in a better yet more efficient way? Whether you’re a newbie or advanced to this type of game, The Walking Dead Survivors Guide will surely help you.


The Walking Dead Survivors Game Guide

Here are some of the tips and strategies you need to focus on to play TWDS effectively;

Maximize the Usage of Speedups & Resource Packs

If you want to enhance your camp faster in The Walking Dead Survivors, you must not have second thoughts about using your resource packs and speedups. These packs are highly recommended to be used immediately, especially if you’re starting your game. Most of the time, these speedup packs enable you to fasten the upgrades, training, and research to opt for you to boost your power rating quickly.

On the other hand, resource packs are essential when aiming for a higher level. In The Walking Dead Survivors, upgrading is quite costly, especially on the advanced levels. Therefore, ensure that you’re not overspending in producing your resources beyond the limit, or else the extra will be wasted. Therefore, stick to the exact cost in every action you wish to take.

Join a Powerful Clan

Similar to the typical strategy games, joining a clan can be a significant advantage for you. Don’t just join a usual clan; opt for a stronger clan. In The Walking Dead Survivors, entering a clan will give you indispensable perks such as gift boxes, assistance with your research or construction, and fighting another clan. Additionally, immersing in a clan enables you to take advantage of the teleporting ability, which can help you withstand aggressive opponents.

Of course, joining a clan is not all about receiving perks or taking advantage. As a clan member, you also need to help out your clanmate and contribute something to the clan itself. Once the clan officers instruct you to defend or attack a particular player, you must be ready regardless if you’re strong enough or not. In joining a clan, you must take all the risks and do everything to step up in the game, or else they will kick you out.

The Walking Dead Survivors Clans


Manage Your Survivors Effectively

In The Walking Dead Survivors, you must remember that the survivors have unique roles and specializations. You can assign your survivors in two forms; combat and development. When we say combat survivors, these are the survivors who will defend and attack whoever wishes to intrude your city.

On the other hand, development survivors are grouped in different roles. One of the most important types of development survivors is the builders who are used to working in the “Workers Cabin” to lessen the duration of the construction. When assigning your survivors, make sure you distribute them according to their specialization. So don’t miss the chance to utilize their survivor abilities on cooldown to get free troops or resources every 12 hours.

The Walking Dead Survivors Combat


Elevate Your Elite Level

Though the so-called “Elite Level” is usually used by pay-to-win players. But you can still take advantage of having an “Elite Experience” by spending your free gems to uplift your elite level. So don’t have second thoughts about spending your gems to raise your Elite Level, as it will give you a long time span of benefits.

Once you raise your Elite Level, you can enjoy various advantages such as increasing the production of your resources and bonuses. For instance, an additional worker you can utilize to boost your buildings when you are in idle mode.

Unleash Your Best Military Strategies

One way to show the efficacy of your strategies in The Walking Dead Survivors is by immersing in the PvP mode. To fully maximize your fighters in this strategy game, you need to dive them into Micro Farming, Scouting, and Attacking effectively.

When we talk about Micro Farming, it’s where you need to deploy your fighters to ambush tiny camps or not-so-competitive players in order to earn resources. Moreover, your fighters don’t need to deal with too intensive attacks. Instead, maximize the chance to get more resources. Most of the time, players of Micro farming target Away From Keyboard or AFK players who have already left the game.

On the other hand, scouting and attacking are somehow different from Micro farming. Scouting is the essential preparation your fighter needs to complete before moving on to the next player. In scouting, you need to effectively know the troop size and the resource level of your opponent. You can see from there if the enemy is worth attacking. If your attacks aren’t enough to beat your opponent, you can ask for help from your clan mates.

Make Use of The Walking Dead Survivors Game Guide

So, there you have it! We hope The Walking Dead Survivors Game Guide significantly helped you play this real-time strategy game better. For more updates and information about awesome strategy games, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC.


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