Top 5 Detective Games to Test Your Sherlock Skills

Posted on December 26, 2021
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If you are someone who loves solving mysteries and investigating strange riddles or crimes, then playing detective games is the right genre that will captivate your interest. These detective games online are somehow spooky, challenging, and very traditional.

Most of the time, detective games include examining murder scenes or finding the right way out to escape a particular creepy room. If you wish to be like the popular British detective Sherlock Holmes, well, let’s see the edge of your gray matter in solving these investigation games.

What are Detective Games?

Like mentioned earlier, detective games will test your mastery in investigating and solving mysterious problems. Your investigative and analytical skills in solving mysteries are on the test here.

Usually, detective games are run in point-and-click format. However, you still need your Sherlock skills in examining scenes and collecting shreds of evidence in solving the cases. So, we’ve shortlisted the five best detective games that will surely exercise your mind and, at the same time, have fun.

Top 5 Best Detective Games

Here are the five detective games online worth playing.

1. Detective S : Mystery game & Find the Differences

First on our list is the Detective S : Mystery game & Find the Difference. It is an exciting adventure game published by Rawhand Games. Here, you will take the shoe of an excellent detective who will try to solve the mysterious murder of a family.

This game will investigate the crime scenes and gather relevant evidence before the criminal makes more devastating moves. It would also greatly help if you can find hidden differences while finding the criminal.
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2. Manor Matters

Next on our list of best detective games is the Manor Matters. A terrific casual puzzle adventure game created by Playrix. In this game, you will not only solve mysteries and puzzles, but you will also decorate your manor. So, you better prepare your creative side while deploying your investigative skills.

In this game, you will be tasked to redecorate and redesign an inherited manor called Castlewood. Due to its age and some parts of the mansion broken, your job now is to bring back the beauty of the place. You need to collect stars by finding hidden objects to do your task. The game is simple, but if you’re finding it hard to look for such objects, you can choose to make everything easy by using boosters and hints.
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3. Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

Next to Manor Matters is the Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past. It is an adventure game published by Pretty Simple where your job is to be a police officer that investigates, solves cases, and catches criminals. In playing Criminal Case, you need to travel to different locations where crime scenes happen, and from there, you will look for relevant clues that lead to the criminal.

In finding the clues, you need to find the hidden items listed on your screen. The clues you’ve found will be examined using the stars you’ve accumulated to find hidden objects. Once all pieces of evidence are enough, you will definitely pinpoint the suspects and arrest them right away.
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4. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Landing on the fourth spot of the best detective games is the Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure. Published by G5 Entertainment, Hidden City is an adventure game where you will embark on a journey in a world filled with mystery and get a chance to meet various distinguished characters at each level.

Here, you will be tasked to explore different dungeons and find amulets with the assistance of your friends. Additionally, it would be best to unleash all Shadow City secrets while clashing monsters ahead your way. To have a fun and exciting adventure, you can ask your family and friends to join you with your detective adventure.
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5. Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Last but definitely not least is the Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. It is a casual adventure puzzle game created by MYTONA, and your main task is to remove the curse of the town by solving mysteries.

In this game, you will take the role of a seeker, and you are expected to be excellent at finding hidden objects. As you start your journey in the Darkwood, you need to solve the mysteries by doing loads of searching and identifying clues. Like the usually hidden object games, the items you need to find are listed, and you need to see them in a specific picture. If you want to check out the list of things, you can zoom in or out, whatever gives you a clearer picture.
Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

So, that’s it! Now, you already know the best detective games, it’s time to prove your detective intelligence and see if you have what it takes to be the next Sherlock Holmes. Are you ready? Share with us what you’ve got.

For more information and updates to your favorite detective games, continue reading our blogs!

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