6 Easy Ways on How to Make Money in Township Game

Posted on October 16, 2021
Township Make Money

Township is a casual game released by Playrix Games that focuses on construction and farming. With its genre and gameplay, many players are hooked on this game. Here, your main goal is to create your dream city and make your place worth living in. To develop your town, you need to harvest agricultural products, farm, breed animals, process, and sell products.

In this casual game, there are two in-game currencies, the coin, and money. Initially, earning coins can be easier as you can obtain them through farming and breeding. In contrast, how to make money in Township is a bit challenging to make.

What is Township Cash?

In Township, you can use the money, or what we call Township cash, to speed up things in the game. You can use this currency to accelerate handling goods at the factory, farming, and many more. Also, you can use this money to buy some ingredients, items you are missing, and some decorations to beautify your city.

In this article, we will focus on how to earn cash in Township. You will learn some quick ways to get Township cash that you can use to speed up in developing and acquiring things that coins can’t do.

Ways on How to Get Township Cash

Here are some ways you can follow to get more Township cash.

1. Buy Township Cash Using Real Money

If you are looking for the quickest way to get Township cash, you can buy it using your real money. Like other games, Township also gives the option to players to purchase special items like Township Cash through real money. To do this process, you can easily tap the plus sign located next to the dollar found in the upper right corner of the game. Then, choose the number of Township Cash you wish to have and pay for it.
Buy Township Money


2. Accomplish Achievements

Next to our checklist is completing achievements. In the Township game, there are a lot of achievements to accomplish, which enable you to explore the game more. Once there is an assigned quest, you need to complete it and, in exchange, get Township Cash plus experience points.

Although this tip requires a lot of time and patience, the rewards are worth receiving. There are instances where you need to complete three quests with rising difficulty, but don’t worry; the more difficulty you experience, the higher rewards you get. Achievements can include increasing the town’s population, delivering goods, and more.
Accomplish Township Achievements


3. Level Up

As you develop your city, you usually farm, breed, sell, and participate in various activities. Through doing these tasks, you earn experience points, which will help you level up in the game. Once you reach the next level, you will be able to unlock new items and get Township money.

4. Consistent Logins

Another way on how to make money in Township is to log in to the game for 60 straight days and achieve Honorary Freeman. Aside from Township Cash, amazing rewards await you once you fulfill this quest. So, you better schedule your day and don’t miss a day without logging in to your Township game.

5. Get Rewards From the Balloons

In playing Township, you will encounter balloons that include forms of rewards. Each balloon might consist of gems, construction materials, event tokens, ingots, and Township Cash. These gift balloons are carried around your helipad, and every day you can receive one gift balloon from a friend. Meaning, if you don’t collect the gift balloon, you will lose it.

Generally, there are five types of balloons in Township, and each balloon will give you various rewards. Here are the balloons and their respective rewards inside.

Ernie’s Balloons

These balloons can reward you one Township Cash. Usually, this balloon appears once a day if you’ve accomplished a task or quest from his city.

Friends Balloons

These balloons are sent as a gift from your friend’s list. These balloons bear coins or cash gifts like Township cash. This type of balloon appears a maximum of five times a day.

Friends Balloons for Events

These balloons appear like regular balloons, but the rewards are modified according to the ongoing event.

Friend Balloons for Valentines

Derived from its name, these gifts are sent by friends during Valentine’s Day only.

Golden Balloons

These balloons appear once for free and three times if you use three Township Cash to unlock each balloon. In these balloons, you will get rewards such as warehouse, building materials, mining tools, and three to six Township Cash. Normally, you can find these balloons in your town or your friend’s town.

There are also Red Blimp, Disco, and Tropical Balloons. These balloons give in-game currencies like Township Cash.

6. Other Ways to Get Township Cash

Aside from the mentioned ways in our list, there are various means on how to make money in Township. Here are some activities you can join or complete for you to get some money;

  • Receive 50 to 250 Township Cash in joining the Township Facebook event
  • Get 15 to 20 Township Cash if you reach the Top 3 spots in competitions for community events
  • Earn 3 to 12 Township Cash in joining community events
  • Get 4 to 15 Township Cash once accomplished Town Hall achievements
  • Receive 4 to 15 Township Cash when you acquire all the antique collection at the Museum
  • Earn 2 to 23 Township Cash when you join the Regattas race and more!


How To Make Money In Township

There are many ways to get Township cash; all you have to do is to patiently explore the game and unlock exciting rewards.

Play Township Game

In Township, T-Cash is indeed a precious asset in the game. This Township cash can give you a lot of benefits in developing and expanding your city. Thus, by using this guide, hopefully, you can earn more Township Cash and collect cash as much as you can.

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