Township Review – What to Expect in This Casual Simulation Game

Posted on November 6, 2021
Township What To Expect Board

Developed by Playrix, Township is a casual simulation game that enables players to enjoy the immersive gameplay of farming. Like the usual farming games, you will manage crops, raise livestock, and deliver goods and services to various customers.

However, this game is not like a typical farming game. Aside from enjoying the artificial pleasures of agriculture, you can develop your areas by adding buildings, restaurants, movie theaters, factories, and a zoo. Ultimately, it is a game that depicts a combination of city and farm-building games that fits any age, as it offers easy and enjoyable gameplay.

Are you curious to know if the Township game app is worth playing? Read on as we discuss its gameplay, expectations when playing it, and more in this Township review.

All About Township

The game itself is easy to catch on to. Hence, if you are new to the genre, you can follow a basic tutorial that will teach you how to play the game. However, you still have an option to explore the game in any way you want.

As you start the game, you will be set in a starter town that includes cultivated plots of land, where you can grow your own crops. At first, you will plant wheat. But as you progress in-game, you can plant other resources such as sugar cane, cotton, and more.

Township Review Plant Wheat

Initially, you are given six plots, and eventually, you can have more as you grow the population of your town. To do this, you need to manage the level of happiness of the people by establishing various types of buildings and decorations as well. Once you boost your citizens’ happiness, you can unlock more population by building more houses.

As you manage your crops, you can either sell your crops or invest them in processing resources. For example, wheat can be an ingredient in making flour, which can be used in creating bread in the bakery. By selling bread, you can use your income by buying decorations that help you to level up. Over time, you can add various factories to expand your town.

Furthermore, this game also features a zoo where you can collect animals. It also enables players to utilize boats, airports, and helicopters in filling the orders to get prizes. What is more exciting about this game is your mine, where you can dig in the depth of the earth and earn rewards.

Township – It’s About Investing Time

Like other farming games, building a farm and city requires effort and time. In playing Township, you need to understand that everything takes time. With your patience and effort, you can have more animals, buildings, and products by spending a minimum of fifteen minutes.

Township Review Milk Cows

But as you level up, your patience will be tested as you need to wait more in leveling up buildings and crops. Usually, it takes about thirty to forty-five minutes. As you progress, this time frame can lead to more hours and even days. But if you want to shorten the time of waiting, you can pay real money real quick.

An Addictive Casual Game

With its storyline, context, and easy controls, Township is a casual game that will surely hook your gameplay preferences. Though the gameplay is simple, you will notice yourself addicted as you keep yourself busy acquiring rewards and aiming for more factories, products, people, and buildings.

Sometimes, you will find yourself disengaged from the game as you need to wait for modification and expansion. Even if you are out of the game, it still progresses. You don’t need to be connected all day just to advance in the Township game app.

Explore the Township Game

Township portrays an appealing game that includes good graphics and exciting characters. This farming game itself offers high definition, vibrant, and very wholesome visuals. Also, the animations are stunning, and the mechanics are easy to follow.

Township Review Townsfolk Working

Kudos to the developer for creating an extraordinary game packed with awesome visuals! As you progress through the game, you will notice that your town will be filled with people doing their own errands without compromising the game’s visuals.

Final Thoughts About This Township Review

For this Township review, we rate this game a 9/10. With its well-built sense of advancement, rewarding visuals, and well-developed quests, this incredible casual game is surely worth playing.

Though sometimes you’ll see yourself tempted to spend money to progress your game quickly, you can still acquire things by investing more time in playing the game. Once you start the game, it’s hard to quit, and you might find yourself keeping your PC open for long hours.

What is exciting about this game is you can play with your friends using your Facebook. From there, you and your friends can share items and more. Also, everything can be easier as you work with your friends, though it is not required. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Township game app on your PC now and start the fun of this casual farming game!

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