Wild Tamer Guide – Tips To Improve Your Gameplay

Posted on December 29, 2021
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If you’re searching for something unique and enchanting to play, then you will love Wild Tamer. It’s a special role-playing game by 111%, which is about the main character living in their past life as a Druid. The world is filled with extraordinary creatures that you can tame. Once you successfully get to tame them, you become their leader. At the same time, you go on a wonderful exploration, where you will meet all types of animals, which could become your ally, enemy, or guardian. So if you want to become a successful tamer, follow the wild tamer tips here.

Wild Tamer offers a unique approach to role-playing games. Here, you get the chance to explore various areas of the enchanting world and collect tons of different wild animals. You need to grind hard for you to get to the top, but it’s worth it and fun. If you’re a beginner, this wild tamer guide will help you improve your gameplay. At the same time, you’ll learn some wild tamer cheats along the way. So if you’re ready, check out the list we have curated for you below.

Getting to Know Wild Tamer

With a mix of action and adventure, Wild Tamer is an exceptional RPG that you will enjoy. You’re a Druid in your past life, and you live in a unique world. Here, you will find tons of special wild animals, which you can tame to become your friends and allies. They will guard you as you go on an exploration in the mysterious world. You will have the chance to build your kingdom and become the all-powerful king. So gather your army of strong animals, battle other wild animals, and level up your squad of animals!

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Quests for Diamonds

Diamonds are considered the premium currency in the game, and you need these to increase the size of your animal followers to make you stronger. It will also help you open Mask Gatchas to get more masks for the druid to get awesome bonuses. But unlike many other games, Wild Tamer doesn’t give you many options to get Diamonds for free.

So, the easiest way for you to do it without spending real money is to complete quests and micromanage everything in the game. That means you need to clear the quests as fast as you can to get Diamonds to make your druid strong.


Don’t Turn Much-Needed Materials Into Gold

In the game, there are three types of materials you can collect during your exploration. These materials or items are red bones, blue fangs, and yellow feathers. Most of the time, you’ll need a lot of these materials to upgrade your equipment and other things in the game. So even if you have the option to do so, you don’t need to trade these items into gold unless you have extra of these items or if you need gold. Red bones become obsolete really fast, so they’re the safest materials to sell if you need gold.

Always Level Up Your Wild Animals

You should never forget to level up your animals. This part can get tiring as it involves going outside and destroying the required number of animals. And since you can only equip a maximum of five animals, this is the number you should be working with frequently. If one of the animals starts getting weak during battles, it’s time to stop focusing on it and move on to another animal. But since your inventory has limited space, it’s best to focus on your three main animals rather than five different ones.

Level Up Items in Wild Tamer

Aside from your animals, you should also level up your druids’ items. You can buy new gear and level them up to make your druid stronger during battles. But remember to not spend too many of your resources on the early items because as time passes by, you’ll have enough money to get better items. For example, you don’t need to upgrade early items past level 3 if you got better ones. Then you should focus on the newer ones that you just bought. Once you have enough to unlock better items, you’ll get bigger bonuses, too.

Build a Balanced Army of Animals

In this game, there are a plethora of wild animals you can tame and recruit. But the problem is that you only have limited space in your inventory unless you have gems. If you don’t want to spend money, it’ll be hard to get past the 18th slot since you need to pay real-life currency for it.

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But, the game allows for 30 different wild animals if you have the resources to unlock the inventory. Once you do, it gives you more chances to play with a variety of animals and build a unique army.

Wild Tamer Tips – Final Thoughts

If you want to become a better tamer in Wild Tamer, the tips and tricks we listed above will help jumpstart your journey. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create your own tips that work only for you!

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