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Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena

Developer: Garena Mobile Private

Category: Action


From the developers of Infinity Ward, the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare brings back the best things that solid first-person shooting gamers are looking for. As the name suggests, it even brings the modern taste of battle such as battle tanks, drones, and advanced weaponry. You’ll be surprised to use new weapons with laser scopes in them.
Differentiating Modern Warfare from other Call of Duty game versions, you would definitely love the former more. When it comes to campaign and multiplayer gaming, Modern Warfare stands above the rest. Graphics-wise, it also beats other versions too. So if you are keen on campaign-style and graphics, go play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign

If you’re down for some dark and gruesome storyline, then you will appreciate Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The main storyline campaign revolves around the story of Captain John Price, together with the SAS agent, the CIA, and the Urzikstani Liberation Force, taking down a chemical gas plot to prevent a global catastrophe.

In the game’s solo campaign, you get to control various characters, depending on the story. For Modern Warfare, you get to play as British SAS Sgt. Kyle Garrick, CIA Agent Alex, and Urzikstani Liberation Force Leader Farah Karim. Though they may play an important role in the plot, none of them is safe from death, as the story demands it.
Unlike the rest of the Call of Duty franchises, the new season brings a different perspective to gamers. Like any typical FPS game, you’d think the new season’s campaign is all about fighting opponents like the Russians and the revolutionary forces in the Middle East. But at some point, the game gives a fresh look at the modern problem of civilian involvement.

Exhilarating Modes

This Call of Duty game brings more exciting modes for you to play. There are five different modes, with each mode having new challenges. The variety of modes range depending on your expertise in first-person shooting games or experience with other franchises. That helps make the game ready to be played by anyone.
For beginners, choose the Recruit mode. This is made for those who are new to playing Call of Duty, or simply one that is new to playing first-person shooting games. For this mode, get to know more of the story of the game while experiencing less challenges when playing.

If you want to experience a bit more challenge, choose the Regular mode. It’s the borderline difficulty of the game. This mode lets you execute some skills, without throwing some real action in the game. For those who have already played one of the Call of Duty franchises, this mode is highly recommended.
For those who want a little more action, the Hardened mode should be played. In this mode, you need to expect more struggle with opposing forces as it tests your skills more. This mode is best played for those who already played a few Call of Duty campaigns.

For avid and extreme Call of Duty players, best choose the Veteran and Realism mode. When playing the campaign for these modes, you certainly have to be the best as it is beyond difficult – even game developers have warned you. These modes will test you to the extremes!

Call of Duty Game Features

  • Superb and high-quality gaming graphics that immerses gamers more.
  • Gripping solo campaign depicting the modern war in the real world.
  • More maps to explore in the game.
  • Modern-like weapons such as drones, battle tanks, and other advanced weaponry.

Highly disturbing and bloody, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare goes beyond the extreme level of battle. Thus, making it the best Call of Duty franchise to beat. If you’re looking for more intense action games like this, there’s more to go around here at EmulatorPC! Why not start with Johnny Trigger – Action Shooting Game or PUBG Mobile Lite!

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