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DISGAEA RPG - Raise an Overlord in this Classic Turn-based RPG

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Disgaea Rpg On Pc


Developer: Boltrend Games

Category: Role playing

★★ 3.8

Explore a dark and shrouded region called the Netherworld in Disgaea RPG and use your skills to develop the ultimate overlord. Embark on an epic adventure together with the most iconic Disgaea RPG characters in the Disgaea series by Boltrend Games. Relive the iconic scenes and quests from previous installments of the franchise. Immerse into improved character development and battle system combined with the series’ classic elements.

Explore the Netherworld in DISGAEA RPG Online

Launched in 2021, Disgaea RPG online is a concoction of both new and classic elements to attract not just veteran players but newbies as well. One example is the integration of the original narratives housed in The Netherworld History page. It allows veteran fans of the series to keep track of the game’s timeline and provide a solid history lesson for those new to the franchise. On top of the original stories are the iconic heroes from the series who are now packed into this epic game.

The game also comes with the classic turn-based battle system integrated with new commands. As for the damage system, heroes will have a maximum level of 9999 which is higher compared to other RPGs. For those new to the game, the developers have included an auto-battle system with a maximum battle speed of 4x. It will allow new players to focus and analyze the efficacy of their character build during battle. Providing them with the necessary information on the elements that require adjustment. Discover more elements and features of this iconic game by clicking the download button on this page.

Command the Best DISGAEA RPG Characters

Disgaea RPG begins with a brief and almost poetic description of the Netherworld. After which the game will introduce you to some of the characters in the game. Each character is introduced along with their traits. Moving forward, the game will take you to Prinny who will serve as your tutorial guide or secretary. Meeting Prinny will trigger a lengthy tutorial that will provide you with all the basic elements and mechanics of the game.

Moving forward, it is important to keep in mind that the game employs a gacha system for character acquisition. With that said, you should learn to reroll to take advantage of this system. Re-roll means discarding the character dished out by the gacha machine and trying out for another roll. Nevertheless, if you are lucky enough to see a four-star hero, then no need to re-roll. It is also beneficial to choose the 10x pull to increase your chances of acquiring a high-star hero.

Incredible Role-Playing Game Features to Discover

  • Play with the iconic heroes from the series
  • The fast-paced turn-based battle system
  • Original storylines and plots
  • An optional auto-battle system

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