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Goddess Era - Take Your Brave Female Heroes in the PvP Arena

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Goddess Era On Pc

Goddess Era

Developer: Happyfun

Category: Role playing


Beautiful goddesses are known for their bravery in many parts of the mythology. They portray courage, and this resonates with those players who love their share of fun. If you want to embark on an RPG adventure that features goddesses, try playing Goddess Era. This RPG shows you tactical battles boasting beautiful goddesses from around the world. Play this game today to start the strategic RPG adventure on your PC.

Meet the Brave Female Heroes in Goddess Era

Goddess Era is a tactical RPG by Happyfun. This game carries you to an interactive world that falls into destruction because of unforeseen circumstances. Known as Valar, the continent has never anticipated the chaos from the emergence of the Original Crystal. It destroys the peace and causes breaches that should be solved through battles. The game features beautiful female heroes who are known as goddesses. They are well-known characters from mythology, literature, and even legends.

With their unique skills in tactical battles, you will witness the battle you are looking for. Their power to change things and engage in tactical battles is impressive. You should try it in the arena by embarking on PvP battles you will surely enjoy. The only downside is that you should have plenty of resources such as gold, tier-up crystals, and experience points. You will acquire them as you gain progression in the game. So, prepare to embark on a long quest to fight enemy goddesses in the PvP arena.

Defeat Your Opponents in PvP Arena

Goddess Arena’s game is pretty complex, so you should know about certain things. You will have access to more than 100 distinct goddesses as the team’s commander, each with their own special talents. Light, Darkness, Fire, Water, and Earth are the five separate forces these goddesses work into. You will need to choose carefully which goddesses to include in your team. You should consider their strengths, limitations, and the qualities of the opponent you will be battling. Interestingly, each goddess is vividly shown, with their personalities and feelings coming through.

The PvP arena, where you can compete against other players worldwide, is one of Goddess Era’s highlights. You must advance through the ranks using your strategic prowess and team-building abilities to win the ultimate title. The competition will be strong, so deploy several squads to handle the various problems you will face. Furthermore, keep your wits about you because there will be numerous hurdles. Prove your team management skills as you orchestrate your squad in tactical battles. Also, don’t skip the story mode to immerse yourself in where the gameplay is heading.

Goddess Era Exciting RPG Key Features to Expect

  • Meet the game’s beautiful female heroes
  • Beautiful well-known goddesses from different sources
  • Pretty complex gameplay to master while playing
  • Have access to over 100 distinct goddesses
  • Learn about the elements where the goddess split
  • Vivid presentation of goddesses as shown in graphics
  • Advance through the ranks using your strategic prowess
  • Compete in the PvP arena against other players worldwide

Download and play Goddess Era to start the tactical battles in the PvP arena. If you’re fondly playing more tactical RPGs, try Darkfire Heroes and Among Gods! RPG Adventure.

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