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JoJo Siwa - Live to Dance – Live Your Superstar Dream

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JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance

Developer: CrazyLabs LTD

Category: Simulation


If you are a fan of YouTuber JoJo Siwa, then you now have a chance to learn, perform, and play with her. Live your superstar dream in JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance. Learn the signature dance moves of JoJo and perform with her on stage. You will also have the chance to create your version of fashion bows and engage in various fun activities with her trusty dog BowBow. Get the ultimate JoJo Siwa experience from the comfort of your PC.

Become an Iconic Fashion Superstar

JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance is a playful game that brilliantly fuses the concept of the popular dress-up games and the music-based gameplay of rhythm games. Players must work to establish their reputation to fulfill their superstar dream. Players must do all of this while supporting fashion superstar JoJo Siwa in her ventures. They will have the chance to learn JoJo Siwa’s signature dance moves and fashion sense. Moreover, players are also tasked with creating dance routines and costumes as their popularity grows. Soon they will be going on tours performing dances with JoJo Siwa on stage.

JoJo Siwa is an officially licensed game which means that everything is approved by the fashion superstar and Youtuber herself. Similar to other licensed titles, this game is wrapped in high-definition graphics, smooth animation, and immersive music. All of these result in an immersive and wholesome experience that fans of JoJo will surely love.

Explore Cut-Out Doll Games & Play with BowBow

JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance game begins with a short intro featuring JoJo Siwa welcoming you to the game. The intro will seamlessly transition to the main tutorial. Your first lesson will focus on the basic controls and elements of dancing. A dress-up tutorial will immediately follow right after the dancing lessons. You will have access to a plethora of dresses, outfits, and accessories. Some of the items require watching short ads to access. The game also comes with event-exclusive items that are only accessible on specific dates.

Your goal in JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance online is to become as iconic as JoJo herself. To do this, you must make sure to participate in all the activities in the game. From playing with JoJo’s dog BowBow to creating new dance routines, JoJo Siwa will surely keep you busy for hours on end.

Download JoJo Siwa – Live to Dance Online & Enjoy These Features

  • Go on a tour with JoJo Siwa
  • Create beautiful bows and play dress up
  • Access plethora of dresses, outfits, and accessories
  • Learn JoJo’s dance moves
  • Get a makeover and become a fashion superstar
  • Officially licensed game with high-quality graphics, animation, and music

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