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King’s Choice - Embark on a Journey as a Medieval Monarch

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King’s Choice

Developer: ONEMT

Category: Simulation


Managing a big kingdom is attainable by using essential strategies. But strategies don’t come easy because you should consider many aspects. If you want to manage a kingdom virtually, try playing King’s Choice. This simulation game allows you to operate a virtual domain and its parts. Try out this game if you have what it takes to run this virtual kingdom efficiently.

Orchestrate the Affairs in Your Kingdom

King’s Choice is a kingdom simulation game developed and published by ONEMT. The game brings you the exciting simulation elements of managing a virtual kingdom. It is not that easy, given that you should consider many aspects before you decide. Even though it sounds intimidating, the game’s mechanics will take care of it. As the game starts, you are about to manage your kingdom with your officials.

These officials are the nobles in the European medieval royal court who can affect parts of your kingdom. That’s why each decision you execute will determine the overall gameplay. Fortunately, the game will provide features that make each decision count. Follow the instructions that will pop up, and be careful with each step of your journey.

There are many tasks you will embark on as the game continues. You will raise heirs, recruit the best generals, preside over the royalty, and join alliances. Pave your way to becoming the ultimate ruler by managing your kingdom effectively.

Experience the Life of a Legendary King

King’s Choice immerses you in an interactive kingdom management gameplay you will surely enjoy. It is a captivating RPG game that transports you to the European medieval royal court. The game allows you to live the life of a legendary king. It has been created to transport you to a world of magnificent garments and opulent palaces.

You will also encounter lavish banquets, loyal knights, beautiful concubines, and much more. You aim to become the supreme emperor by recruiting famous generals, raising heirs, suppressing rebellions, and expanding your empire. The opportunity to experience the splendor of the medieval royal court is one of the game’s key highlights. You will witness the magnificence of the king’s regalia and the splendor of the feasts.

Everything about the game is steeped in medieval Europe’s rich history and tradition. Another exciting feature is the ability to construct and rule your kingdom. You must manage government affairs, bestow nobility titles, form alliances, defeat enemies, and expand trade. These actions will aid in expanding your empire and strengthening your claim to the throne.

Simulation Game Interactive Features to Expect

  • Manage a big kingdom by commanding the royal court
  • Simulation gameplay that lets you engage in strategy
  • Consider every aspect of your kingdom
  • Recruit the best generals, raise heirs, and suppress rebellions
  • Witness the magnificence of the king’s regalia
  • Construct and rule your kingdom
  • Experience the virtual life of medieval Europe

Download and play King’s Choice to start the exciting adventures of managing your kingdom. You can also try King’s Throne: Royal Delights and Conquerors 2 for more simulation games to download.

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