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Mahjong Treasure Quest - Defeat a Wicked Witch Through Mahjong

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Mahjong Treasure Quest

Developer: VIZOR APPS LTD.

Category: Puzzle


Are you bored of the old-style mahjong games that have no interesting storyline? Are you keen on playing puzzle platformers where you can go on an exciting adventure? Then get your imagination ready and explore a fantastical world of mahjong and magic mixed. Download Mahjong Treasure Quest for PC to see what kind of electrifying experience awaits you.

Explore Magical Places in Mahjong Treasure Quest PC

This puzzle game is an online mahjong game created and published by VIZOR APPS LTD. Here, you will go on a magical adventure to fight off an evil sorceress. So prove your logical abilities and help a young girl with her trusty feline companion save her world. Defeat the nefarious invader through various mahjong puzzles. Every time you level up, you will receive a series of objects to help you in your conquest.

Furthermore, this fantasy game is not your typical Mahjong game. Not only will you be greeted with stunning graphics and music. But you also will be engrossed in a wonderful narrative of innocence, friendship, and bravery. Unleash your creativity by rebuilding and restoring the girl’s family’s mansion in this lovely adventure game.

Experience Mahjong with More Thrilling Twists

Just like an actual mahjong board game, Mahjong Treasure Quest for PC has the same rules. Hence, if you have played mahjong before, you will have a better understanding of this innovative game. Moreover, newbies need not fret. Discerning the mechanics is a breeze. For starters, you need to remove pairs of tiles from the board. But be sure not to lock the remaining tiles or suffer the consequences.

Fortunately, there are power-ups you can occasionally use to help you escape tricky situations. But be careful to use them sparingly. The first few hints are free, while the rest you will need to purchase with in-game currency. Unlike most mahjong board games, you can customize your tiles in this game for that personal touch. Keep collecting coins to unlock loads of patterns and designs as well as chips to make your gaming experience more personalized.

Mahjong Treasure Quest Online Puzzle Game Features

  • Free puzzle games to train your logical thinking skills
  • Specialized building features and maps to explore
  • Unlock thousands of mahjong layouts and tile designs
  • Immersive narrative with monthly adventure quests
  • Play in a variety of fairy mini-games
  • Highly addictive gameplay and storyline

So if you want to keep yourself busy, simply download this mahjong board game on your PC. For more puzzle games, you can check what we have here in EmulatorPC! You can start by playing I Love Hue Too and Tangle Master 3D.

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