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Power Girls Super City – A wholesome superhero game for girls

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Power Girls Super City On Pc

Power Girls Super City

Developer: TutoTOONS

Category: Simulation


Join the Power Girls with their amazing pets in becoming a superhero! Capture the monsters and transform them into amiable super citizens so they may assist Super City in times of need. Become one of the gorgeous and cute superheroes and save your city from destruction. Prove to your enemies that you can save the city and become the best and superpower girl.

Become a Lovely Superhero!

Each Power Girl possesses a unique superpower in Power Girls Super City. Enchanting Flora has the force of nature, sweet Moana has the power of water, and gorgeous Blaze can control fire. Each of them also has a lovely pet companion. Moana has a seal named Misty, Flora has a deer named Daisy, and Blaze has a superpower fox named Sparky. Harness each skill to defeat your opponents and eventually save the day. Play with your cute pets and team up to eliminate the nefarious invaders.

You need to unite the Power Girls to defend Super City against monsters. One of your missions is to investigate whether the water flow is being impeded by the River Monster. Another one is to defrost everything that is being frozen by Ice Monster. You also have the chance to stop the Trash Monster from littering. Not to mention that you need to stop the Fire Monster since everything it touches catches fire. To sum it up, you need to help the creatures find a better place to live while saving the city from the comfort of your PC.

Play Power Girls Super City on PC

The first thing you should know about Power Girls Super City is that this game combines the elements of casual and simulation. Like most casual games, Power Girls Super City will take you straight to the main title page once you open the app. All you need to do is click the play icon to start playing the game. As for controls, the game employs the basic AWSD keys or directional buttons from your keyboard and your mouse. Clicking the play icon will take you to the main game menu where you can choose which activity you want to do.

Speaking of activities, you can join Moana to have a soothing spa day planned, including hair and makeup. For adorable Flora, pick out the ideal feminine attire. Create stylish superhero costumes for fox Sparky, deer Daisy, and seal Misty. Moreover, there are still a lot of features you need to discover in this amazing game. Discover the fun of cooking with superpowers in Power Girls Super City. Learn from Blaze who cooks the tastiest spaghetti ever and enjoys using her magical fire talents in the kitchen. Take the coolest pictures with the amazing girls and their animal allies that serve as superheroes.

Best Game Features To Enjoy:

  • Engage in fun dress-up activities
  • Cook & discover a lot of dishes with the characters
  • Help the cute animals and save the entire city
  • Explore various superpowers of each power girl
  • Take cute pictures with each superpower girl

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