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Retro Garage - Effectively Restore Iconic Soviet-Era Cars

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Retro Garage On Pc

Retro Garage – Car Mechanic

Developer: Mechaniki

Category: Simulation


Retro Garage – Car Mechanic by Mechaniki is a video game that simulates the experience of being a retro garage car mechanic and repairing retro cars from the former Soviet Union. In the game, you are tasked with identifying damaged parts in the cars and ordering or repairing new parts.

With a focus on retro aesthetics and the nostalgia of classic cars, Retro Garage – Car Mechanic offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of vintage car restoration.

Retro Garage – Repairing Various Retro Cars

Retro Garage is a game that celebrates the golden age of the Soviet automobile industry, featuring the most popular serial cars of the USSR from the 1950s to the 1990s. You’ll have the opportunity to work on retro cars from legendary manufacturers like GAZ, UAZ, VAZ, ZAZ, AZLK, and many others, learning about the history and mechanics of these iconic vehicles as you go.

In Retro Garage, each vehicle is made up of more than 50 elements, divided into three categories: the body, chassis, and engine. As you repair and restore each retro car, you’ll need to examine each part closely to identify any damage, wear, or rust that needs to be addressed. You can order new parts from suppliers or try fixing them yourself with the tools.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous in Retro Garage, you can also make tuning adjustments and upgrade parts with sports, racing, and other modifications. Want to replace the body or suspension parts with something more performance-oriented? Go for it!
Once you’ve successfully repaired a retro car, you can sell it or add it to your personal collection. On a 1/4 mile track, you can even compete with rivals or attempt to break a lap record in drag races. You can display your rebuilt vehicles however you like.

Enhance Your Car Mechanic Skills With Tools & Equipment

In addition to the extensive selection of Soviet-era cars, Retro Garage also features a realistic garage environment where you can hone your skills and explore the different tools and equipment at your disposal. With detailed graphics and a rich soundscape, you’ll feel like you’re really working in a vintage car repair shop.

So whether you’re a fan of the classic Lada, the rugged UAZ, or any other iconic Soviet-era car, Retro Garage – Car Mechanic is the ultimate game for anyone who loves classic cars and car repair garage games. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Compelling Garage Simulator Features

  • Restore iconic Soviet-era cars.
  • Work on cars from legendary manufacturers.
  • Fix vehicles with more than 50 parts in three categories.
  • Order new parts or fix them yourself.
  • Make tuning adjustments and upgrades.
  • Sell or collect restored cars.
  • Take part in drag races or set lap records.
  • Enjoy a realistic garage environment.
  • Nostalgic cars from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become a skilled car mechanic and restore iconic Soviet-era cars in Retro Garage – Car Mechanic! Play now on PC and immerse yourself in the world of classic cars and vintage car repair.

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