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Rooms of Doom - Take Various Challenging Mini-Games in the Laboratory

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Rooms Of Doom On Pc

Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness

Developer: Yodo1 Games

Category: Action


Are you looking for a challenging game to test and hone your reflexes? Then, you shouldn’t miss Rooms of Doom. In this action game, you’ll be set in exhilarating gameplay where you need to surpass various challenges and obstacles in each environment.

Published by Yodo1 Games, Rooms of Doom is an action game where you’ll be situated in a laboratory packed with challenges. You need to overcome them with supernatural creatures. However, don’t underestimate these creatures because they have stunning skills that can help you fend off the challenges.

Rooms of Doom – Meet the Bizarre Creatures

As you begin playing Rooms of Doom, you’ll meet a clever scientist who generated a strange creature who will assist him in his journey to conquer the challenges in the laboratory. While exploring the laboratory, you’ll get a chance to unveil some anomalies of the scientist. Take note that the peculiar creature is equipped with unique skills, which you can use to surpass the compelling challenges.

Playing this action game will be advantageous if you’re familiar with running to infinity games. To stay on game, you must not let any kind of obstacle ruin your journey. Though the mechanics are easy to understand, mastering them might take time. To surpass the challenges, it’s highly recommended that you unleash your best reflex skills.

Surpass the Stages & Unlock More Creatures

In Rooms of Doom, you will immerse yourself in rooms that offer mini-games. Each of them depicts various types of obstacles that will test your skills. These obstacles can be in the form of steel fists, mechanical spiders, and many more. Regardless of what type of obstacles you’ll be facing, you need to adapt to them and develop moves to overcome them.

Aside from several obstacles in each room, take note that there will be a new mechanism as you enter a new room. However, you’ll be given items to help you surpass the obstacles, such as a pair of wings. Furthermore, as you progress in the game, the movement speed will also increase, so you must dodge obstacles as fast as possible.

In Rooms of Doom, you’ll receive golden hex nuts as a reward. These will help you unlock more creatures that can help you withstand the future rooms. Additionally, you can get a chance to obtain creatures like Turbo Rex, Turbit, TV Snail, and more. Each creature depicts powerful skills that will help you master the succeeding stages. You can also opt for more skins and opportunities to upgrade your current minions.

Compelling Rooms of Doom Game Features Worth Checking Out

  • An entertaining yet challenging action game
  • Utilizes run-to-infinity gameplay
  • Surpass different challenges and obstacles in each room
  • The movement speed increases as your progress
  • Unlock more rooms and creatures
  • Upgrade your current minions and aim for skins

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