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Scrap Metal Factory – Become a Garbage Boss & Hire Unique Managers

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Scrap Metal Factory On Pc

Scrap Metal Factory

Developer: PlayHard.Lab

Category: Simulation


Get ready to turn trash into cash at Scrap Metal Factory! Become the boss of your very own garbage facility in this highly immersive simulation game. Seek the help of unique managers and expand your company. Explore the world and establish factories in the biggest and most iconic cities across the globe.

Become the Garbage Boss of the Scrap Metal Factory

Players can purchase used items from Scrap Metal Factory for less money. Through practice, players get more adept at haggling, and the cost of each item decreases. Daily purchase orders must be processed by being bought and then moved to the area where used goods are disposed of so they can be sorted by material. This simple and pleasant game is great for unwinding quietly and wasting little time. A really good sense of humor also exists within the game, which will make you chuckle even on a stressful day.

Products made at the Scrap Metal Factory travel through a subterranean network. Employees at a demolition facility break down tables and chairs with hammers. Those that link the manufacture of new products with the sorting of old objects can produce new items. If you have the money, buy a special automatic line for your staff. Provide the items the customer purchased following the instructions while adding more items as needed to the box.

Hire Unique Managers for your Scrap Metal Factory & Discover their Backstories

Scrap Metal Factory begins with Baldie, a resident in a tranquil area, who is sick of the town’s constant waste problem. One day, he begins busting up wrecked vehicles out of pure rage. To his amazement, he learns that turning cars into scrap metal out of rage may be a viable business. Clicker-based gameplay and charming 3D graphics make Scrap Metal Factory a sweet business simulator. Similar to all clicker games, the fundamentals are completely transparent. To obtain scrap, all you need to do is click on the display. Click the vehicle to sell the parts and get your cash.

Several unique managers with intriguing stories to tell will assist in the expansion of your company. In addition, players will be capable of setting up several garbage and scrap facilities in various international cities, such as London, Paris, and New York. More demolition and manufacturing workers are needed for faster output.

To enhance overall productivity, encouraging staff members to work harder is an extremely good idea. By doing this, the company’s reputation and sales will grow daily. At the factory, safety comes first. This involves employing a stunning female security officer to watch the area. Monthly game enhancements and involvement in unique events to win additional incentives will increase the game’s interactivity.

Grow Your Scrap Metal Factory with the Help of These Game Features

  • Experience a highly addicting smashing and breaking gameplay
  • Start from scratch and grow to become a tycoon
  • Employ unique managers to automate your factory
  • Learn the special skills of your managers through their backstory
  • Expand your business in iconic cities across the globe

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