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Solitaire Classic Card Games - A Fun & Relaxing Classic Card Game

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Solitaire Card Klondike On Pc

Solitaire, Classic Card Games

Developer: Guru Puzzle Game

Category: Cards


Are you fond of playing the classic solitaire? Luckily, you can now play your favorite card game even without real cards in Solitaire, Classic Card Games. Are you confident with your skills? Then prove your worth as a Patience or Solitaire master! Show what you’ve got in this awesome solitaire game.

Published by Guru Puzzle Game, this card game will surely exercise your mettle and challenge your solitaire skills. However, take note that this solitaire game doesn’t involve any kind of monetary options. All you have to do is play and have fun!

Enjoy Playing the Classic Card Game

To give you an idea about Solitaire, this card game is renowned as “Patience” in Europe, primarily in France and the United Kingdom. Here, your goal is to move the entire solitaire cards of 4 suits, such as spades, diamonds, hearts, and crosses, into the foundations of the solitaire. Furthermore, similar to the usual solitaire, this game consists of one deck composed of 52 solitaire cards.

In this card game, you must pile up the cards by suits, starting from the Aces to the Kings. Here, you can also move the cards through columns, stack them in sinking order, and discern the red and black suits. For instance, a black 5 can only be followed by a red 4. Take note that if there is a free column, you can only play a King card. Also, you can move the entire solitaire stack cards to another column if necessary.

More Than a Solitaire Game

Aside from this card game shares the same gameplay as the usual solitaire game. However, this game offers features making your overall gameplay experience more enjoyable. The game features a “Left-Hand Mode,” making it more suitable for sinistral players. Additionally, it offers a challenging mode called Solitaire 3 Draw Mode.

Every day the game offers challenges that will test your prowess in playing solitaire. Don’t miss utilizing the Joker card if stuck in the solitaire game. What’s more impressive about this card game is that it offers unlimited undo and hints to help you fulfill the game more quickly. Also, the game gives options to modify the background and the card’s face from adorable animals, breathtaking landscapes, and more.

Exciting Solitaire Game Features Worth Exploring

  • An entertaining and interactive card game
  • It shares the same mechanics with the typical solitaire game
  • Utilize 52 solitaire cards
  • Play the “Left-Hand Mode” and “Solitaire 3 Draw Mode”
  • Use the unlimited hints, undo, and Joker card
  • Personalize your game’s background and the card’s faces

Are you looking for more challenging card games you can play on your PC? Then, feel free to explore what we’ve got here in EmulatorPC. For more options, you can download Card Game 29 and Spider Solitaire Classic for free.

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