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Space Arena - Create Your Best Battle Spaceships & Conquer Space

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Space Arena On Pc

Space Arena: Construct & Fight

Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.

Category: Strategy


Unleash your best strategies in creating the most powerful spaceships by playing Space Arena Construct & Fight. In this strategy game, you’ll be taking the role of a novice spacecraft designer who wishes to create a remarkable reputation in the battle space.

Developed by HeroCraft Ltd., Space Arena is an exciting game that will test your worth in creating formidable spaceships. In addition, the game also offers realistic graphics and limitlessly evolving game content that will surely catch your interest for hours, even the entire day.

Space Arena – Establish Your Strategically Made Spaceships

In Space Arena, your ultimate goal is to create a good reputation in space by creating awesome spaceships and deploying them to space battles to test their efficiency. To start creating your spaceships, there are dozens of comprehensive spacecraft blueprints to choose from. But not all are available as you begin the game. You can only unlock the remaining blueprints as you progress\.

At the beginning of Space Arena, you’ll be set with simple spaceships that only require you to click a specific part located beneath the game screen. You must place the said part in a suitable place or box in the spaceship. Once the spaceship is complete, you must deploy it immediately and let the crew do the battle work.

Elevate Your Fleet & Dominate the Space Arena

As you progress in Space Arena, you can upgrade your current spacecraft by buying more powerful parts. You can also consider purchasing a new spaceship blueprint and creating more powerful spaceships. Take note that the more you progress in this game, the more blueprints will become complicated. So you must be more strategic and careful about creating your starship.

Remember, in Space Arena, you’ll be given limited slots for your spaceships. If you wish to get more, you can spend your earned points and get a new slot for your fleet. You can also utilize some space engineers to fasten the building process, especially if you’re only creating a simple battle spaceship.

To test the efficiency of your starship in Space Arena, you can immerse yourself in PvP battles and let your creations speak for you. Outwit all your opponents and rack up to the ranks and leagues. So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the space war and let your spaceships dominate the entire space? Prove your worth now by playing Space Arena.

Exciting Spaceship Builder Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A compelling space strategy game
  • Realistic graphics and endlessly evolving content
  • Unlock dozens of spaceship blueprints
  • Upgrade the spaceship parts
  • Deploy your creations in PvP battles
  • Opt for more slots and create an effective fleet
  • Utilize space engineers
  • Rack the ranks and leagues

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