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Weed Inc - Strategically Collect, Manage & Upgrade Weed Strains

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Weed Inc On Pc

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon

Developer: Metamoki

Category: Simulation


If you’re a player who is immensely hooked on cultivating and caring for different types of plants, such as weed, then you’re in the right game with Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon. In this management simulation game, you’ll create your thriving weed paradise. To do this, you must effectively collect and upgrade various types of grass.

Published by Metamoki, Weed Inc is an idle management simulation game perfect for players who don’t have plenty of playing time. When we say idle, all you have to do is set your game, let your characters do their thing, and get all your rewards once you return.

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon – Collect & Upgrade Your Weed Strains

As you play Weed Inc, you’ll get a chance to collect and cultivate different types of weed strains. Some strains include Trainwreck, Grand Daddy Purple, and Sour Diesel. These weeds will undergo various stages, and it will be best if you follow the missions effectively to progress in the game.

You’ll manage the grasses mentioned in special rooms like the Dispensary, Processing, and Grow Rooms. Derived from the names of the rooms, Grow Rooms is where your weed strains are physically located, and once cultivated, they will be transferred to the Processing Room, and the final product will be set in the Dispensary. If you wish to anticipate more rewards, you can start opting for crates. You can also opt for additional weed strains or upgrade the current ones.

Unlock More Weed Strains & Expand Your Business

As you progress in Weed Inc, you’ll be able to achieve some gift boxes for every mission or quest you’ve fulfilled. These boxes can contain new strains that you can add to your collection. You can opt for Sativa, Indica, Hybrid weed strains, and many more. Alternatively, you can upgrade your current weed strains by adding to other stains to make them more powerful, which means they have outrageous productivity.

Aside from unlocking more weed strains and upgrading the current grasses, you can also start expanding your business. You can grow your business by establishing more branches across famous places like Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, and more. If you’re having trouble managing all your businesses, you can hire some managers and let them manage a branch for you.

Exciting Weed Inc Game Features To Anticipate

  • A fun yet challenging management simulation game
  • Playable in active or idle mode
  • Collect and upgrade different weed strains
  • Manage different special rooms
  • Unlock more weed strains or upgrade the current ones
  • Expand your business in famous parts of the world
  • Hire managers to handle your branches

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