About Emulator PC

Who We Are


Established in early 2017, the idea of EmulatorPC first came about when witnessing the frustration that users have to go through just to be able to play mobile games on their desktop; and not all non-gamers grasp the concept of an emulator as compared to most gamers. EmulatorPC is committed in providing a seamless way of allowing individuals of all demographics with ease of enjoying mobile gaming on a bigger, wider screen via the comfort of their own PC.

At EmulatorPC, we aim to extend the reach of mobile games to even greater heights!

Our Product

EmulatorPC is dedicated in eradicating the gap between traditional Android emulators and mobile Apps. Utilizing a novel Patended technology that we have developed, EmulatorPC hand-pick quality games based on a intelligent algorithm from the masses of mobile games available in the market. Playing your favourite mobile games on PC is no longer a hassle.

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