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Cooking Mama PC - Be a Culinary Master With This Cooking Game

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Cooking Mama Free Full Version

Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!

Developer: Office Create Corp.

Category: Casual, Simulation


For some, there is no other relaxing hobby than cooking. Whether you love to cook or love to eat, exerting effort to create a meal is very satisfying. So, to help you feel the satisfaction of cooking different types of dishes, there is a game that lets you do that. It has a wide range of choices of cuisines to make you feel like an actual chef. Say hello to Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook! by Office Create Corp. In this cooking simulation game, you can cook without the pressure to compete. The only responsibility that you have is to fulfill all cooking tasks. These tasks are either to let you bake, chop or stew. Of course, those tasks are all included to help you become a master of the kitchen.

So, to help you achieve that, you need to prepare a set of skills. These skills include attention to detail like an expert mother in the kitchen. Since you are a chef in this game, you should do your best as a real chef would do.

Cooking Mama – The Masterchef

Moreover, Cooking Mama offers simple gameplay. You just need to follow the instructions in the game and cook all dishes according to the recipes. Each of these recipes is fun to make. But if you want to cook all the food, you have to purchase some of the recipes. In-game purchases are optional if you want to enjoy the full kitchen experience in this cooking game.

This cooking game is also easy to navigate. It has friendly controls to let you cook tasty meals easily. Just like actual cooking, you can also make some mistakes with your dishes. But there is no need to worry. This cooking game will not give you a game over for that. You just need to repeat and complete the dishes better the next time. What’s more interesting is that you will develop an interest in cooking, which is personally beneficial if you don’t know how yet.

Be a Village Restaurateur in this Cooking Game

Another feature of Cooking Mama game is how it allows you to cook tasty meals for the people of the village. As a restaurant owner, you need to feed the hungry villagers and make sure they are satisfied. Also, to level up your restaurant’s kitchen, you need to perform several tricks. Each of these tricks offers rewards that you can later use to beautify your restaurant. Aside from that, you can also use different ingredients from your own village farm. You can raise cattle for meat and dairy, and more.

In addition, you can fully customize your own restaurant and decorate it according to your taste. This will allow you to attract your neighbors to come and try your delicious meals. Besides, these customizations will help not only the restaurant, but also make your neighbors feel comfortable. Be the best village restaurateur in Cooking Mama download on PC now.

Casual Game Features You Need To Know

  • Cook more than 30 different types of the recipes
  • Simple controls that let you do all cooking tasks efficiently
  • Compete for Challenge Rankings in weekly events to attain a higher score
  • Serve meals in your restaurant for the Happy Village
  • Play other mini-games apart from cooking dishes

Several games that bear similarities to Cooking Mama are also available for free download. These are Diner DASH Adventures and Cooking Diary® Restaurant Game. Find more casual simulation games on PC here in EmulatorPC for free!

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