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Puzzledom - Unleash Your Logic Mastery in the Ultimate Puzzle Haven

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Puzzledom – puzzles all in one

Developer: Metajoy

Category: Puzzle


Welcome to the captivating universe of Puzzledom, an online puzzle game by Metajoy that seamlessly blends an assortment of the finest logic puzzles into an engaging and visually appealing experience. This puzzledom game offers diverse challenges, including classic favorites like Connect, Blocks, Rolling Ball, and Escape, ensuring a delightful journey through various brain-teasing adventures.

Puzzledom – Show Your Skills in Solving Logic Puzzle

Within the Puzzledom game, players encounter an amalgamation of logic puzzles, each with minimalistic graphics and uniquely designed levels. The collection boasts popular games such as Connect, a simple yet challenging endeavor of linking dots of the same color without crossing lines, and Blocks, a classic puzzle requiring strategic placement of different-shaped blocks to fill the entire board.

The Rolling Ball puzzle introduces a path-guiding adventure, prompting players to slide blocks to create a channel for a white ball to roll from start to finish. Meanwhile, the Escape game, also known as Chinese Sliding Block, tests players’ observation skills as they maneuver a red block to the exit. These puzzles are just the tip of the iceberg, with more exciting challenges on the horizon as Puzzledome expands its repertoire.

Solve More Than 8,000 Levels of Puzzles

Puzzledom’s appeal extends to its features, including over 8,000 manually designed levels, ensuring a wealth of content for players to explore. Puzzledom has easy yet entertaining gameplay, making it a compelling choice for puzzle enthusiasts, with minimalistic graphics enhancing the overall visual experience. Puzzledom Online also introduces a rank list, giving it a competitive edge.

As players embark on this puzzledome adventure, they’ll immerse themselves in a world where logic puzzles reign supreme. With a diverse selection of challenges, an ever-expanding level count, and the promise of new puzzles on the horizon, Puzzledom stands as the ultimate destination for those seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Exciting Puzzledom Game Features

    • A blend of classic and innovative puzzles
    • From simple Connect to classic Blocks and Rolling Ball adventures
    • Offers a range of brain teasers
    • With over 8000 levels and ongoing development
    • Rack the rank list

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