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Aquarium Land - Become a Sea World Zoo Tycoon

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Aquarium Land On Pc

Aquarium Land

Developer: Homa

Category: Simulation

★★ 3.7

Greetings from Aquarium Land, the finest online game for fishing in the water and raising fish. Go fishing, go swimming, gather fish like goldfish, starfish, and koi fish, and put them in your holding tank to build your aquarium mini-mart, draw more customers, and become the greatest aquatic theme park tycoon online. There’s a consumer for every sea animal, so explore new mystery marine creatures in your idle sea park from the coziness of your PC.

Welcome to Aquarium Land!

Aquarium Land is an aquatic business management simulation game published by Homa. Building and establishing an aquarium mini-mart is the basic objective in Aquarium Land online. As a result, one must ensure that there are enough fish and a continuous supply of income. Spend money on your aquarium park to experience the underwater realm like a true business tycoon! You can purchase more enhancements as your income rises. It’s like a mini-mart but with fish like zebrafish, jellyfish, koi fish, and other sea life.

Act like a genuine marine business tycoon and expand your sea park. Aquarium Land comes with high-definition graphics, smooth animation, user-friendly mechanics, easy controls, and straightforward gameplay. The aforementioned attributes make the game accessible and highly addicting.

Discover the Beauty of Aquarium Land

Aquarium Land features a straightforward design with casual elements. It allows you to jump in straight to the main game right after you open the app. The game features a brief tutorial about the basic mechanics and rules. After the tutorial, you can proceed to your main goal. Speaking of goals, your main goal is to collect aquatic animals from the ocean and place it in your aquarium. Customers will start buying these aquatic animals as you begin to stock your aquarium with fish.

Aquarium Land follows a certain cycle wherein fish are caught, sold to earn money, and then more fish are caught. You can enhance your character and grow your aquarium with the money you earn. You have a section of aquarium property where you keep large fish for display in addition to selling them. Every time someone comes here to see the sea animals you have on the show, you also make money.

In Aquarium Land, you’ll start with the clownfish. You can catch fish by going to the ocean and catching the marine animals manually. Your character will have a specific POV range when in the water. You can catch the fish within your range and most fish will try to flee from you, therefore you must maintain your distance area until you grab them. You return to the tank and add fish once Aquarium Land’s bag is full. Then take the money for the fish to the checkout area.

Fascinating Game Features to Experience

  • A rich collection of sea creatures to capture
  • User-friendly mechanics and controls
  • Smooth animation and stunning graphics
  • Tons of activities packed with generous rewards

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