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Blocky Farm - Your Exciting Journey on Managing Your Charming Farm

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Blocky Farm Free Full Version

Blocky Farm

Developer: Jet Toast

Category: Simulation


++If you’re immensely fond of farm life and enjoy playing games with blocky graphics, then you must not miss having Blocky Farm on your list. In this simulation game, you are tasked to manage and develop your farm and make it a thriving one.

Published by Jet Toast, this simulation game is set in a blocky world, and you need to unleash your most strategic ways to elevate your farm. If you’re familiar with this kind of management game or managing a farm, you already have an advantage in this game.

Blocky Farm – Managing Your Farm Effectively

As mentioned above, in Blocky Farm, you’ll be set in a block world with a farm already equipped with the necessary buildings you need. All you have to do is apply your tactics to generate more income for your farm. Though your farm already has its facilities, you still need to repair them, and that will be your first job in this game. So repair the buildings and bring them back to their efficient state.

After repairing the buildings, you can proceed with managing your farm. Like a real farm, you need to plant and harvest different crops. Some examples are wheat in the fields and use these resources in various ways. You can use the tractor and realistically feel like you are harvesting crops. Maintaining the farm will enable you to elevate your experience and level up.

Attend Customer’s Needs & Upgrade Your Farm

As you progress in Blocky Farm and level up your farm, you can unlock and upgrade buildings that you can use to generate more money. You can consider adding a chicken coop and start raising chickens to get eggs. To maintain your buildings in this game, you must ensure that the animals are eating properly to keep the production of products.

In Blocky Farm, you’ll surely notice the request board placed near the truck. Don’t ignore this board. So try your best to fulfill every customer’s request. Once you complete a certain request, you’ll be rewarded with amazing stuff that you can use to speed up your farm’s development.

What’s more exciting about this farm simulation game is you can also extend your connections by establishing real friendships with the neighboring town citizens. You can also show off your love by engaging with different animals. Aside from planting crops and raising animals, you can also relax for a while by doing some fishing and swimming. And even immersing yourself in global events.

Exciting Simulation Game Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • A fun and exciting farm simulation game
  • Familiar mechanics and blocky graphics
  • Plant various crops and raise animals
  • Unlock and upgrade your buildings
  • Utilize the realistic tractor
  • Fulfill your customer’s requests from the board
  • Establish real friendships
  • Go fishing, swimming, and participate in global events

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