List of Cafeland Celebrities You Can Invite to Your Bistro

Posted on March 13, 2022
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Last 2016, GAMEGOS’ Cafeland – World Kitchen reached the hearts of gamers who aspire to be chefs and wish to run a cafe in the future. It’s currently one of the most exciting cooking games, apart from Cooking Dash. In this simulation game, you will take the role of a chef who will run the entire restaurant, and your goal is to make it a perfect place to eat, sit back, and relax. But to make your game experience more exciting, you’ll meet various Cafeland Celebrities to help you gain extra experience and so much more. You’ll learn all about them below.

A Quick Overview About Cafeland

Like the usual sim titles, you will need to do different restaurant quests such as cooking dishes, cleaning the place, scrubbing ovens, taking customer feedback, and other things. You will start your journey in a small cafe, and you need to expand and decorate it and make it profitable. Furthermore, your customers will be more demanding, and you need to elevate your operations and menus to impress your demanding customers as you progress in the game. Aside from your menu, you need to decorate and equip your bistro with enticing objects to make your customers happier.

Cafeland Gameplay

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To make this possible, you must do various quests and objectives to gain experiences and in-game currency for you to unlock decorations, equipment, and dishes. Another way to get more experience, cards, and ingredients is by inviting celebrities to your cafe.

It’s Time to Invite Cafeland Celebrity Customers

As you progress in Cafeland World Kitchen, you will get a chance to unlock celebrities who can visit your cafe. You can usually access them through the “VIP” option of the game, and you’ll need to spend some coins to invite a specific celebrity to your bistro. Most of the time, these celebrities will offer you a gift box that includes impressive rewards such as experience, cards, or ingredients. Like you, the experience of the celebrity also rises whenever they are invited. Take note that the higher the level of the celebrity, the better the reward you’ll receive each time you invite them.

Another thing you should remember about inviting Cafeland celebrities is that each personality has its own waiting time frame upon arriving at your cafe. It’s an advantage on your part as you can still prepare dishes and make your cafe a place worth staying for hours. Additionally, take note that each celebrity has their own favorite dish, and if there is a chance that you are serving their favorite dish, you’ll be getting more experience points for that visit. As you access the celebrity, you will only see the category of their favorite food. So, you better prepare the food ahead of time under that category before the celebrity comes in.

Cafeland Celebrities

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Complete List of Celebrities to Watch Out For

So, here’s the list of the some Cafeland celebrities you can invite to your restaurant along with the time frame you need to wait before they arrive at your restaurant.

  • Carolyn Sunroe – 1 minute
  • Cafeman – 2 minutes
  • Kimberly Dash – 5 minutes
  • Cleopatra – 10 minutes
  • Jones Band – 15 minutes
  • Angry Chef – Random
  • Cherish Pilton – 15 minutes
  • Queen Elixandra – 15 minutes
  • John Sparrow – 15 minutes
  • Brianna – 20 minutes
  • Garen the Wise – 30 minutes
  • Leo Ronido – Random
  • Sentiri – 1 hour
  • Sentiri – 1 hour
  • Bruce Bee – 1 hour
  • Julius Caesar – 1 hour
  • Bronn Jam – 20 minutes
  • Thauriel – 1 minute
  • Wolf Paws – Random
  • Miss Dreamer – Random
  • Moon Walker – Random
  • Forceful Lady – 1 minute
  • Mad Scientist – Random
  • Amazon Princess – 1 hour
  • Queen of Lizards – 1 minute
  • Good Girl Doruby – 5 minutes
  • Kitt Berry – 10 minutes
  • Ley Jenno – 2 minutes
  • Opera H. – 30 minutes
  • Sir Glamton Rock – 15 minutes
  • Eddie Mars – 20 minutes
  • Giorgio Custard – 12 minutes
  • Martin Costman – 5 minutes
  • Lady Liberty – 20 minutes
  • The Catfather – 10 minutes
  • Creepy Clown – 30 minutes

Final Thoughts

Though inviting Cafeland celebrities can heighten the leverage of acquiring items or expanding your cafe, it is also essential that you are creative in decorating your bistro, making it a fantastic place to eat and stay. It’s also significant if you showcase excellent skills in managing a restaurant. Moreover, there are also other ways to earn in-game currency, which enables you to buy things to expand your cafe. You can consider offering dishes that cost more. In Cafeland, customers use coins to pay for the food they eat or if they use a machine in your restaurant. Tips are also in the form of coins.

Cafeland Level Up

Another way to earn in Cafeland is by completing achievements and leveling up. Once you level up in Cafeland, you’ll be able to get a considerable amount of coins for your hard work. But, if you are a pay-to-win player, you can spend real cash and acquire more coins from the available packages from the cash shop.

So, there you go! We hope that you understand why it’s important to invite Cafeland celebrities to expand your bistro. Are you ready to invite your favorite celebrity now? Can you share it here? For more information and updates about this simulation game, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.

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