Eversoul Tier Guide: The Strong Characters to Begin the Game

Posted on March 14, 2024
eversoul tier list

Choosing the right heroes when you start playing Eversoul is super important. That’s where the Eversoul tier list comes in handy. It sorts out characters based on how strong and useful they are in fights. In this article, we’ll talk about why picking the right heroes matters, check out the different tiers, and give you some tips on how to reroll so you can start your Eversoul journey on a winning note.

The Importance of Starting with the Right Heroes

Starting your journey in Eversoul means picking the right team. The heroes you choose can make a big difference, especially at the start.

Eversoul tier list

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1. Getting Ahead in PvE

Starting with strong heroes gives you a big advantage in PvE (Player vs Environment) situations. These heroes are great at clearing levels, beating enemies, and handling tough parts of the game. By putting together a team with powerful casters, tough defenders, helpful supporters, quick rangers, strong strikers, and brave warriors, you’ll breeze through PvE challenges and succeed in your missions.

2. Boss Battles

Having tough heroes is key to beating PvE bosses, who are tough enemies guarding big rewards. With strong characters that can dish out heavy damage, offer support, and handle danger well, you’ll be able to take down these big bosses and win awesome loot. Whether you’re up against huge monsters, tricky foes, or tricky dungeons, the right heroes will help you conquer them and claim your prizes.

3. Winning PvP Fights

Choosing powerful heroes sets you up for victory in PvP (Player vs Player) battles, where smart strategy and good tactics are crucial. With a team of top-tier characters known for their fighting skills, ability to control the battlefield, and how well they work together, you’ll outsmart and outfight other players in exciting PvP showdowns. Whether you’re battling in the arena, fighting in guild wars, or competing in tournaments, starting with strong heroes gives you the edge and sets you up for success in combat.

4. Enjoying the Game More

Starting with powerful and versatile heroes makes your whole Eversoul journey better. With a strong team at your side from the beginning, you’ll handle challenges better, breeze through tough parts, and have a smoother ride through the game’s big world. Plus, starting with the right heroes makes your victories feel even sweeter as you watch your team grow and succeed as you play.

Eversoul Tier List

The Eversoul tier list is like a map for finding the best characters. It sorts them into different groups, from S to D, showing how strong they are. Each tier tells you how good the heroes are and what they’re good at. Let’s check out each tier and what they do:


eversoul tier list

Eversoul Hero – Ayame

These are the crème de la crème of Eversoul characters, boasting unparalleled power and utility. Securing S-tier characters early on can provide a solid foundation for your team-building endeavors.

  • Formidable Casters: Honglan, Ayame, Claudia, Naiah, Mephistopheles, Vivienne, and Nini
  • Defenders with Unyielding Resilience: Eve, Daphne, Chloe, Adrianne, and Petra
  • Versatile Supporters: Yuria, Catherine, Prim, Talia, and Beleth
  • Agile Rangers: Nicole, Lizelotte, Miriam, Garnet, and Tasha
  • Fierce Strikers: Aki, Jacqueline
  • Indomitable Warriors: Linzy, Velanna


eversoul tier list

Eversoul Hero – Jade

A-tier heroes aren’t as strong as S-tier ones, but they’re still really helpful. They have different skills and strengths that make them useful in various situations. Having A-tier heroes gives you lots of options and flexibility for your team.

  • Strong Casters: Jade, Naomi,
  • Reliable Defenders: Claire, Bryce, Soonie, and Petra
  • Optimal Supporters: Clara, Seeha, Jiho, Chloe, and Lute
  • Amazing Warriors: Aira
  • Deadly Strikers: Haru 


eversoul tier list

Eversoul Hero – Manon

B-tier characters are strong in some ways but have weaknesses too. They might not be as powerful as S-tier heroes, but they can still be very useful. In certain situations, they offer dependable support or fill specific roles on your team.

  • Good Casters: Manon
  • Dependable Defender: Soonie
  • Steady Support: Clara (Supporter), Seeha (Supporter), Jiho (Supporter)
  • Nice Rangers: Nicole, Miriam, and Rebecca
  • Decent Striker: Renee


eversoul tier list

Eversoul Hero – Erusha

C-tier heroes are okay but not the greatest. They’re useful when you want more options for your team. Though not as strong as the best heroes, they still have their moments in certain situations or roles.

  • Viable Caster: Nini, Erusha
  • Ok Ranger: Cherry


eversoul tier list

Eversoul Hero – Violette

D-tier heroes are at the bottom and not very useful. They’re not as good as the stronger heroes and are better left out.

  • Caster: Violette
  • Supporter: Seeha
  • Ranger: Flynn
  • Warrior: Mica 

Eversoul Reroll Guide

If you want to start strong in Eversoul, the reroll guide is your go-to. It helps you snag the best heroes right from the beginning, giving you a big head start.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sign in as a guest when you start the game to make rerolling easier.
  2. Finish the tutorial and get to Chapter 5 to unlock the tutorial gacha.
  3. Claim your tutorial gacha reward to get Everstone, a summon ticket you need for rerolling.
  4. Use Everstone to summon heroes and see if they’re top-tier.
  5. If you don’t get the heroes you want, start over and reroll until you do.

Keep at It!

Rerolling might take a few tries before you get the heroes you’re after. Stay patient and keep trying; it’s worth it to get those top-tier heroes early on.

Save Your Progress

Once you’re happy with your heroes, link your account to your main platform to save your progress. This ensures that the powerful heroes you snagged at the beginning stay with you as you journey through Eversoul.

Start Playing with the Best Characters

The Eversoul tier list is super helpful for players who want to make the most of their game. If you pick the best characters to start with and use the reroll guide to get the top heroes, you’ll kick off your Eversoul journey with a bang. So, choose your team wisely, aim for those S-tier heroes, and get ready to dominate in Eversoul!

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