10 of the Best Bad Guy Games Where You Play the Bad Guy

Posted on February 24, 2023
10 Best Bad Guy Games Thanos Bad Piggies

Antagonists, arch-nemesis, archenemy, supervillain, nemesis, enemy, etc. You call them whatever you want, but villains play a huge role in video games. Antagonists or the bad guys are almost always just as important to the plot as the hero. A hero’s narrative is frequently only worth telling because there is a villain. Without them, the protagonist wouldn’t face any obstacles and everyone would just go about their daily lives.

In real life, nobody is a hero or a villain from birth. The choice of heroes in fiction frequently rests on prophesy or because they possess extraordinary abilities. Yet in reality, your decisions are what determine if you are a villain or a hero in life.

Even though being a hero is more advantageous, not everyone wants to play the hero, especially in video games. For the most part, the hero’s purpose is to stop the bad guys which is kind of repetitive. The bad guys, on the other hand, are always doing nefarious activities, schemes, and other things that make them the best strategists.

Oftentimes, the bad guys have the coolest gadgets, the flashiest costumes, the grandest homes, and the brightest minds. Yet with all their power, prestige, wealth, and influence, the bad guys always fall in the end. With that said, what if you could play the villain in a story or video game? Do you think you can make a difference? If you think you have the skills to play one of the bad guys in video games or simply like playing the role, then test your skills in 10 of the best bad guy games that you can play for free on your PC today.

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a one-of-a-kind blend of high strategy and frighteningly realistic simulation. Players take the role of the mad genius behind the virus that has the power to eliminate every human on the planet. You must now develop a fatal, worldwide pandemic while adapting to every form of self-defense humanity has ever developed to bring about humanity’s final history.

Plague Inc. allows you to play as a ruthless genius who wants to rule the entire planet. You can spread your created illness all over the world by successfully capturing one nation after another. Make up a sinister name for your pathogen. A name that is so sinister that just bringing out his name should make people tremble. Your finest moment will arrive when you understand that you are not just playing; you are actually in charge of a global pandemic to annihilate the world.

plague inc pathogen symptoms


Mafia City

Mafia City is a freemium strategy game packed with tons of activities and features. Experience an excellent strategy game that involves cunning and time management as you battle to become the Godfather. Take advantage of the opportunity to plunder banks, team together with fellow players, and strive to rule the metropolis and the criminal world. Date cute babes who encourage you daily and befriend brave crew members that back you with unwavering dedication. Participate in daily skirmishes that take place all year round in a real-time, interactive Turf War.

The Mafia will never be a place of peace and stability. Just like a hero, you are chosen by fate to become the new head of your family. Even when using violence, the Mafia has constantly sought to defend and increase its territory. The laws of survival are bendable, whether you desire to ride alone or form allies. Nevertheless, only the strongest and bravest survive in this cruel city.

Mafia City Free Pc Download


Dungeon Keeper

In Dungeon Keeper, the player creates and oversees a dungeon while defending it from invading “heroic” characters who wish to steal the stockpiled loot. Players must kill the monsters and ultimately bring about the looter’s death. The game’s ultimate objective is to take control of all realms by killing the gallant troops and competing dungeon keepers. Increase your defenses against intruders by strategically placing traps and designing your dungeon. Create spaces that resemble the torture room or a gloomy library to surprise attackers with unpleasant and disturbing things.

You can freely assault enemy dungeons to steal from them. When you position your forces, be prepared to battle spike traps, artillery, toxic spores, and more. Too many adversaries? Convert them into hens! Learn to use the Hand of Evil to cast terrible spells. Different minions require different levels of motivation. To get your Imps working more quickly, you must slap them. To play your best, join forces in guilds with international gamers. You may share minions, generate more resources, and obtain unique guild accomplishments thanks to your new partnerships.


Marvel Super War

Launched in 2019, Marvel Super War is the first MOBA ever produced by Marvel. In collaboration with NetEase, the two gaming giants were able to produce the most vibrant, stunning, and accurate representation of the entire Marvel Universe on a device. Prepare to discover additional options and take part in the excitement like never before. This may not be a total bad guy game but it will definitely provide you with enough villains that you can handle.

Balanced heroes result in balanced combat. Gain reputation and success through effort and skill. Experience the rush of winning entirely fair matches against your opponents. Get this game If you want to transition between heroes and villains now and then.

Marvel Super War Download Pc Free


Suspects Mystery Mansion

Play together with nine other players online as you attempt to uncover the mystery of a murder in Suspects Mystery Mansion. Complete investigation tasks to come closer to identifying the killers. Nevertheless, take caution because the killers are members of the party and will do whatever it takes to sabotage the inquiry. Similar to Marvel Super War, you will have the chance to play as the bad guy or villain in this game.

You and the other players can discuss potential killers in between rounds. In this group activity, everyone is a suspect. With the built-in voice chat tool, you can have live conversations with other players. The body was where? Where did they go? What duties did they carry out? With whom were they strolling? Who was behaving strangely? For the most part, the gameplay resembles that of Among Us.

suspects mystery download PC free


Bio Inc.

Bio Inc: Redemption is a sophisticated biomedical simulator where you must choose between life and death. Play as the leader of a scientific team and try to save the patient by coming up with the ideal disease to infect and afflict your victim. Will you spread disease or save humanity is going to be your dilemma. Bio Inc. is disturbingly accurate, featuring nearly 600 real diseases, viruses, symptoms, diagnostic procedures, therapies, and other medical problems. You will be engrossed in a microscopic universe of epic epidemic proportions for hours on end.

Be the Pestilence. Pick death and unleash your evil side by mercilessly killing your victims with a painful concoction of ailments. If you choose life, you bravely take on the role of a doctor diagnosing and treating patients’ illnesses one person at a time to save the human race.

Bio Inc. Game


Bad Piggies HD

Bad Piggies HD comes from Angry Birds developer Rovio that explains the appearance of the green pig villains from the Angry Birds franchise. Can you design the best aircraft to fly safely to your destination? The crafty pigs possess very few yet useful items. But they require your assistance to transform them into the ideal mode of transportation!

With over 200 levels and free upgrades on the way, you will have hours of blowing up and soaring fun. Receive 3 stars to access more than 40 levels. Occasionally you have to replay a level to complete all the goals. Try creating a piece of new equipment or navigating alternatively to obtain all of the stars.

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Clash of Crime Mad City War Go

It’s up to you whether you want to deceive the police, go against the syndicate, have fun, drive a fast sports vehicle, work numerous jobs to make money, or enhance your influence from the perspective of powerful mafias. This crime game features a massive arsenal of weapons, spectacular cars, females, shootings, car chases, and actions. It’s the second installment of the popular game Clash of Crime Mad City War Go!

This bad guy game ushers in a new universe, bringing to life Mad City’s nasty underground. Featuring a vast and varied immersive environment, a wild cast of individuals from every facet of life, and the ability to explore at will. Clash of Crime brings the gritty, fascinating, and brutal world of crime to the palm of your hands.

Clash Of Crime 2 Download Pc Free


Miami Crime Vice Town

Miami Crime Vice Town is largely based on the different criminal cases that have occurred in Miami as seen via its missions. You get to take on the role of an unnamed character who must rise through the ranks of gangsters, goons, drug pushers, arms dealers, and people traffickers to become the most potent mafia boss in the city.

The various factions that you will encounter during the game will require you to win their respect. Your performance on every operation will have an impact on how the various factions view you. Will you purposefully violate an agreement to incite a huge gang conflict between two competing families? Will you follow their orders or, if you gain enough power, would you turn the tables? You have the choice of either saving the city or letting it burn, depending on what you do there. In Miami Crime Vice Town, that is the decision you will have to make.

Miami Crime Vice Town PC free


Russian Crime OG

Russian Crime OG unusual game transports you to a city full of residents, law enforcement officers, gang members, and the boss of the Russian mafia. Become the leader of a Russian crime group on the streets! Discover the hidden secrets on the map and unlock every weapon.

In order to live, you will play the role of a low-life criminal here. Remember that every one of these missions involves theft and murder, similar to the way video game thieves obtain their prizes. This open-world game is set in vast worlds and has engaging plots. Various areas in the Russian Crime game have their own special set of quests. Every task requires your avatar to search a large city for the mission’s goal.

Russian Crime Og Gameplay On Pc


Bad to the Bone: Bad Guy Games

As the saying goes: “not all heroes wear capes,” villains or bad guys are not entirely bad. Supervillain Thanos for example wants to wipe out half of the universe not for self-satisfaction but for a greater purpose. You see, Thanos feared that the ever-growing population of the universe would eventually drain its resources. Another example is The Joker who is a product of a chaotic society. Society failed the Joker leading him to commit those villainous acts.

Everyone is a hero or a villain in his or her own way. Whether their actions are good or bad depends on whose perspective the audience looks through. If Venom, one of Spider-Man’s most powerful enemies can be depicted as a hero, then so are the others.

In summary, if you like villains or bad guys or maybe you think of yourself as one. Then just remember the quote from the villains at Bad-Anon from Wreck it Ralph “I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. there’s no one I’d rather be than me.”

So, just be you and the rest will follow. Who knows, just like villain-turned-superhero Megamind, you might be destined for greater things.

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