Battle Camp Tier List: Best Actives and Passive Abilities To Use

Posted on March 15, 2024
battle camp tiers

In Battle Camp – Monster Catching, knowing about tiers is super important. They tell you how good a monster’s abilities are and help you decide which monsters to use on your team. Let’s take a closer look at Battle Camp tiers and figure out the best combos of abilities to use.

What are the tiers in Battle Camp?

Battle Camp tiers are like a guidebook for players. They sort monsters based on how well their skills work together. This helps players pick the strongest combos for their teams.

In Battle Camp, knowing your monster’s tier is super important. It can mean the difference between winning and losing battles. Whether you’re fighting other players or taking on tough challenges like Battle Royale, understanding tiers helps you pick the best team. Think of tiers like steps on a ladder. Tier 1 monsters are at the very top, with active and passive abilities that work together amazingly well. They’re like superheroes in battles, sought after by everyone because they’re so good at winning fights.

Let’s look closer at how different combinations of active and passive abilities shape each tier. Battle Camp has all kinds of monsters—some are great at attacking, others are tough defenders, and some are amazing healers.

Knowing the details of each tier helps you build teams that match how you like to play and what you want to achieve. Whether you love launching big attacks, holding off enemy attacks, or helping your team, there’s a tier and mix of abilities that suits you best. Now, let’s explore the tiers of Battle Camp together and discover how to create the best team for victory. Armed with the right know-how and tactics, you’ll soon become a top player in the exciting world of Battle Camp.

Battle Camp Tier List

Tier 1 Active Abilities

battle camp tiers

Battle Camp Tier 1 Abilities

In Tier 1, monsters boast powerful active abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Whether it’s offensive, defensive, or healers, these abilities are a must in all team composition.

  • Offensive: Blast(+) (Battle Royale), Crush(+) (Single Element Target, Lost Temple), Drain+, Lacerate(+), Quick Strike+ (PvP), Sacrifice(+) (PvP), Snipe(+) (Raid, Events), Swap+ (Raid), Toxic(+) (PvP, Events), Venom(+) (PvP)
  • Defensive: Counter+ (PvP), Barrier+ (PvP), Element Swap (+) (Raid, PvP)
  • Healer: Regen(+), Team Regen+

Tier 1 Passive Abilities

Complementing these potent active abilities are Tier 1 passive abilities. These abilities not only complement active abilities but also provide the best increases percentage-wise.

  • Offensive: Cavalry, Rogue, and Lethal
  • Defensive: Bulwark, Panzer, Protector
  • Healer: Medic, Mender, Priest

Tier 2 Active Abilities

battle camp tiers

Battle Camp Tier 2 Abilities

Tier 2 active abilities offer solid utility in various combat scenarios. They’re good alternatives to the Tier 1 abilities in case they’re not available.

  • Offensive: Deadshot+, Bane(+), Stun (PvP), Miasma(+) (PvP), Vampire(+) (Raid)
  • Defensive: Shield (PvP), Swap (Raid, PvP), Invincible (PvP), Absorb, Mirror
  • Healer: Debuff (PvP)

Tier 2 Passive Abilities

Tier 2 passive abilities provide moderate boosts to a monster’s performance. They’re not as strong as the Tier 1s, but they’re good enough to be used in team compositions.

  • Offensive: Gladiator, Champion
  • Defensive: Bruiser, Knight
  • Healer: Shaman, Cleric

Tier 3 Active Abilities

battle camp tiers

Battle Camp Tier 3 Abilities

Tier 3 active abilities offer niche utility in specific battle scenarios. They’re the abilities you use if you have no other options available to use in your team.

  • Offensive: Wound(+)
  • Healer: Big Heal, Group Heal+, Flash Heal+

Tier 3 Passive Abilities

Tier 3 passive abilities provide marginal enhancements to a monster’s capabilities. Like with the active ones, you only use them when you don’t have other alternatives.

  • Offensive: Bruiser, Shaman
  • Defensive: Gladiator, Cleric
  • Healer: Champion, Knight

Tier 4 Active Abilities

battle camp tiers

Battle Camp Tier 4 Abilities

Tier 4 active abilities offer limited utility and are often considered suboptimal choices. You’re likely not going to use them unless it’s really necessary. Otherwise, try not to use these.

  • Offensive: Pound+, Smash+, Burst, Kamikazi, Leech, Poison, Surge, 
  • Defensive: Berserk+
  • Healer: Phoenix (+), Heal

Tier 4 Passive Abilities

Tier 4 passive abilities offer negligible enhancements to a monster’s performance and are typically avoided. Unless it’s necessary, there’s no need for you to use these passives on your team.

  • Offensive: Bulwark, Panzer, Protector, Knight, Cleric, Medic, Mender, Priest
  • Defensive: Cavalry, Lethal, Rogue, Champion, Shaman, Medic, Mender, Priest
  • Healer: Cavalry, Lethal, Rogue, Gladiator, Bruiser, Bulwark, Panzer, Protector

Know Which Ability to Use

In conclusion, mastering the Battle Camp tier list is essential for optimizing team compositions. By pairing the right active and passive abilities, players can create formidable squads capable of dominating the battlefield. Whether engaging in PvP battles, defensive skirmishes, or healing endeavors, understanding the nuances of Battle Camp: Monster Catching Tiers ensures victory in every encounter.

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