How to Get Unlimited Hearts in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile?

Posted on March 20, 2024
pokemon shuffle mobile unlimited hearts

In Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, hearts are super important because they’re like the fuel that keeps your adventure going strong as you tackle all those exciting stages. Now, just picture this: What if you could have a bunch of these hearts that never run out? That would mean you could keep playing endlessly! In this article, we’re exploring the idea of getting unlimited hearts in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile and how you could try making it happen. 

What are hearts in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile?

In Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, hearts are super important! They’re like the main money you need to play the different stages and challenges. Each stage needs a certain number of hearts to try it out—usually, just one heart per stage, unless it says something different. So, whether you’re battling Mega Pokemon or joining special events, you need hearts to keep moving forward and win!

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Hearts

How are these hearts obtained?

Players in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile have access to a multitude of methods for obtaining hearts. 

  • Replenishing Hearts: The game provides a base of 5 regenerable hearts, gradually replenishing over time. This capacity can be temporarily increased through in-game bonuses or purchases from the shop, offering players a strategic advantage in their gameplay.
  • Mini Hearts: Alongside the regenerable hearts, players can acquire additional hearts from various sources. Clearing Mega Pokemon stages, logging in for daily bonuses, and receiving Mini Hearts contribute to expanding the player’s heart reserve, ensuring they have ample opportunities to tackle challenges.
  • Mission Rewards: Completing mission cards and achieving specific trainer ranks also yields heart rewards, encouraging players to engage with different aspects of the game and reap the benefits of their dedication and progress. 
  • Event Rewards: Participation in events such as competitive stages or escalation battles presents players with opportunities to earn additional hearts as rewards. These events not only add excitement to the gameplay but also offer valuable resources for players to advance in their journey. 
  • In-Shop Purchases: For players seeking immediate heart replenishment, the option to purchase hearts from the in-game shop exists. However, it’s important to note that this method involves spending jewels, the premium currency of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. While jewels provide a convenient means of acquiring hearts, prudent management of resources is essential for maximizing their effectiveness and value.

Can You Obtain Unlimited Hearts for Free?

Some say there’s a trick to get endless hearts for free in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. They say you can mess with your device’s date settings to make it happen, sort of like a cheat code. Here’s what they say you need to do:

  1. Start by sending Facebook hearts within the game.
  2. Adjust the date on your device by two days.
  3. Return to the app, access settings (bottom right corner), then return and send Facebook hearts again. Close the Facebook window.
  4. Reset the device date back to the original.
  5. Go to app settings, return, and send Facebook hearts once more.

But it’s important to know that the game developers didn’t say this was okay, and they might have fixed it by now with updates. So, even if some players got it to work before, we’re not sure if it still does in the latest version of the game. We need to be careful with these tricks because they could mess up the game and break the rules set by the people who made it. Even though having endless hearts might sound awesome, it’s super important to play fair and be honest when enjoying Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.

Other than using the glitch, there’s no real way to get endless hearts without paying in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. But don’t worry, the game still gives you lots of chances to earn hearts by playing normally and joining in on events.

What are the other currencies in the game?

pokemon shuffle mobile unlimited hearts

Besides hearts, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile also has two other types of money: coins and jewels. They each do different things in the game and help players make their game better in different ways.


In Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, coins are like super-useful money that can do a lot of things. You can use coins to buy stuff from the in-game shop, like power-ups and cool things that help you do better in the game. They’re also needed to play some special stages, which let you meet rare Pokemon and move forward in the game.

Oh, and you can use coins to get great balls too! These are special balls that make it easier to catch hard-to-find Pokemon. So basically, coins are super important for helping you progress and win in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.


Jewels are like the fancy money in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. They unlock lots of cool stuff that regular coins can’t buy. With jewels, you can do things like instantly get hearts or coins or play special stages more times. You can also buy special items from the shop that give you big advantages in the game.

So, jewels give you lots of ways to make your game better and have more fun. They’re like a special key that opens up a whole world of awesome stuff in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile!

There are Plenty of Ways to Get Hearts for Free

Getting endless hearts in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile might sound cool, but it’s important to be careful because of the glitch it involves. But don’t worry! Even without using glitches, you can still earn lots of hearts by playing the game and joining in on events. So, jump into Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, take on all its fun stages, and remember that while having unlimited hearts would be awesome, the real excitement of the game is in the adventure itself!

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