Best Fallout Shelter Layout – Tips on How to Build Your Vault

Posted on February 15, 2022
Vault Layout Tips For Apocalypse Survivors

Excellent work for GaeaMobile for following the famous Fallout Shelter with more fun and exciting game titled Fallout Shelter Online. It is a combination of strategy and role-playing adventure games where you are tasked to build and manage an underground where people can survive. Let’s learn how to create the best Fallout Shelter layout here!

A Quick Run of Fallout Shelter Online

If you enjoyed playing the original predecessor, you must not miss its sequel,  Fallout Shelter Online, as it offers a next level simulator. Here, you will not only work to build your vault, and you will also need to explore the Wasteland and search for the former overseer. Along your way, you need to recruit some characters from the game series, move to different locations from Fallout 4, and, of course, clash against various enemies. You can also unleash your competitive side by joining PvP modes and aiming for higher ranks in the leaderboards. But, what you need to focus on in this game is how to come up with the best vault while creating your winning team.

Fallout Shelter Online has an immersive yet engaging story that will surely capture your interest. From exploring the Wasteland up to managing the vault dwellers, there are a lot of things to do here!

So, the question now is, how to create the best Fallout Shelter Online layout? Let this article give you some useful tips, tricks, and even strategies on how to develop the best vault in the game.

Tips & Tricks in Creating the Perfect Fallout Shelter Layout

Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies on how to create the best vault in Fallout Shelter Online.

1. Get All the Useful Resources

If you want to be successful in this game, you need to understand the importance of resources. To survive the dangerous Wasteland, you need to gather survival resources such as water, food, electricity, caps, and even upgrade materials. These mentioned resources will help you create your vault and train your residents. Additionally, don’t forget to utilize the rooms’ rush feature that builds up your inventory where your resources are located. In this feature, you will see a Diner, Water Treatment Plant, Power Generator, and Recycling center. Take note that this feature is used in limited times and it is highly recommended to use if you wish to maximize the production at no cost.

Fallout Shelter Online Resources

Another way to obtain resources is by looking out for the treasure boxes and shining indicators outside your vault. There are times that you can also find items you can use for combat. To accurately check your surroundings, you can zoom in on your screen.

2. Raise Your Power

Having loads of resources is not enough to obtain the best vault. Another factor you need to know is to boost your power by allowing your dwellers to go out and wander the Wasteland. It would help if you explored to progress with the game’s story and, of course, be rewarded. To boost the powers of your dwellers, you need to invest in food while in the training room. Once boosted, you will notice an increase in their power. Remember that the more powerful your dweller is, the better you can use them against your enemies.

Fallout Shelter Online Power

Before your dwellers explore the Wasteland, you will see quick info about your enemies nearby and their power as well. With those stats, you will know which dweller can explore and which one needs more time staying in the training room. Another way of boosting your dwellers is through equipping them with powerful equipment that possesses high special attack, weapons, and potent armor. To upgrade their level, you need to invest in some Caps and various materials.

3. Select Suitable Perks

Another feature that you should not miss in Fallout Shelter Online is the power of Perks. These perks are known to be the expertise of your dwellers. You will know who among the dwellers is best to live in and operate the resource-generating rooms through perks. Remember that your dwellers are classified according to their rarity. Those with R and Up are the dwellers who have enough abilities to battle against enemies as they are equipped with combat-related perks.

4. Boost the Correct Tools

Once you have access to your dweller’s tools, you also need to upgrade them for more effectiveness in hoarding resources. In upgrading the tools, you will need to acquire some materials, so you need to wander the outside world and check treasure boxes and shining indicators. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to upgrade all tools you see for each dweller. You must focus on items that dwellers use in resource rooms and things to gather resources.

5. Continue Enlisting Heroes

As mentioned above, dwellers are classified into different rarities, and the best type of heroes you must obtain are the SR, R, and the SSR. To get these kinds of heroes, you need to keep acquiring posters that allow you to recruit more heroes to your vault. For R Hero, you will need 30 posters; as for SR and SSR heroes, you will need 30 and 80 posters, respectively.

Fallout Shelter Online Heroes


6. Aim High for Your Combat Zone Rankings

When talking about combat zones, it is the PvP mode of Fallout Shelter Online. It is the mode where you can get a chance to move up your rankings by defeating various teams. Unlike wandering the Wasteland, matches in PvP mode are played out automatically, and you don’t have to operate your team’s abilities manually. During combat zones, you can freely choose which team to play against, and it could be strategic if you choose those teams with lower power than your team. Once you defeat that team, you will get the current rank of that team.

7. Improve Your Bonds

Heroes in Fallout Shelter Online are also classified into five factions; Sole Survivor, Goodneighbor, Commonwealth Allies, Brotherhood, and Institute. Once you have two or five team members from a single faction, your team will get soaring bonuses. You will also get bonuses if you get five members with three stars ranking. For instance, for initial quests like clearing some blocked portions of your base, usually, you’ll need to deal with various animals. A Goodneighbor bond is helpful as it can add damage to the animal opponents, such as 15% when two dwellers of the said faction are in your team.

8. Create Your Vault Strategically

When building your vault, specifically the rooms, you must have a plan first. Though you can locate various rooms in whatever place you wish, you still need to consider the Vault rules concerning cleanliness and effectively running the vault. In creating your vault, it is best to clear out the vault first so that your layout will not be limited. It is better to do it in the early game as you might not remove those items because you need high power dwellers, which are only accumulated during the late game. However, you still need to check if there are clearable spaces as you also upgrade the power of your team.


9. Listen to Your Radio At All Times

As your vault dwellers explore the Wasteland, you still need to reach them through a radio studio. It is a useful communication option to get important messages from people who survive the Wasteland. You will catch relevant messages stating how the post-apocalyptic world works in the radio station, which usually came from survivors. Some messages express requests like dealing with an opponent.

10. Join a Guild!

Like other RPGs, Fallout Shelter Online also allows players to join a guild. By joining a guild, you can get a chance to receive dwellers to your vault who can help you in generating resources. Sending dwellers can also benefit you with various bonuses to eventually get a great Fallout Shelter Layout.

So, that’s it! Here are just some of the many tips, tricks and strategies you can do in building your best vault and get the Fallout Shelter best layout. Can you share with us here your current Fallout Shelter Online vault? Stay tuned here for more information, tips and tricks, and updates about this fun-filled adventure game.

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