Farm Heroes Saga – Game Hints, Tips & Cheats For Newbies

Posted on July 16, 2021
Farn Heroes saga pc

Are you a big fan of match-three puzzle games? Do you also like to play farm management games? If so, then Farm Heroes Saga might be up your alley! It’s a fun match-three game where you need to prevent Rancid the Raccoon from ransacking your farm. Of course, you will need to help the Farm Heroes do that, and you can summon them by collecting cropsies! It’s not a challenging game to play, but the levels can be very challenging, especially with Rancid the Raccoon trying to sabotage your farm all the time.

In Farm Heroes Saga, you get to collect animals, hatch chickens, collect crops, harvest them, and more. It’s not your typical match-three game because it offers so many more exciting levels and experiences. So, if you’re a newbie that wants to play Farm Heroes Saga, read on the following tips and tricks to hone your gameplay skills and become a master at this game!

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Exciting Tips & Tricks to Follow in Farm Heroes Saga

Check out some tips and trick to play well in the game.

A Candy Crush Experience

If you love playing Candy Crush Saga, you will also love Farm Heroes Saga because they come from the same makers and developers! Ideally, you may need to match rows of four or five in “L” shapes or “T” shapes. These will give you more points faster than just matching three puzzles. But the best move of them all is to look for rows of five because it will clear your board much faster.

Activate the Hero Mode

Whenever you complete a level with many moves left, you will activate the Hero Mode. It will spit out many multipliers, which you can choose to swipe to get the most points. So, if you have a few moves left, leave the larger multipliers behind for the end of the game because they will most likely grow bigger. Just make sure you leave them in a position where you won’t be forced to cash them in.


Don’t Waste Beans on Rancid

There will be levels where Rancid is there to sabotage you, and most of these levels aren’t that hard to beat. So, if the game suggests you use a bean to beat Rancid, don’t bother because there are many more helpful ways for you to use them, such as buying boosters, like shovels to get hard crops out of the way.

Understand & Take Advantage of the Multipliers & Beans

Your score will be based on how many crops you collect. Multipliers will multiply it. So if you get five crops, the multiplier will add whatever multiplier is visible on top of each crop. You can quickly reach your goals with the help of the multipliers, so make use of them while they’re still there.

Meanwhile, Beans are the game’s currency, and it translates to whatever your final score is. So if you get 150 crops, you get 150 beans which you can use to buy boosters later on.

Take Out the Flowers

There will be levels where flowers are in your way. You can take care of the problems first. Remove the flowers that are placed in the middle of the board that prevents you from making matches.

Never Spend Gold on Extra Moves

There will be times where you are given extra moves. But sometimes, the game will suddenly ask you to buy moves using gold. One thing you should remember is never to spend gold. It is better to repeat the level than to spend gold for a few extra moves.

Match Those Eggs

When you reach a level where you can hatch eggs, don’t let them build up on your board. Or else you will be spending more moves trying to get rid of them instead of collecting crops. Ideally, since hatching eggs are harder to gain than crops, it is a priority to match eggs first before the crops. Most often than not, while you try to match the eggs, you will naturally get to harvest crops anyway.

Stay at the Bottom

It is not a secret that match-three games give you more chances of creating a cascading effect towards the top if you match items at the bottom. Advisably, it’s better to find matches at the bottom, until you find an ideal crop to match in the middle or on the top of the board.

Open the Gates with Gold

The only thing you should spend your gold on is when unlocking gates. Don’t use it to buy extra moves or boosters because these will replenish on their own anyway. If you don’t want to spend real money to buy gold, opening the gates is one of the wisest ways. Use your gold to unlock the gates to keep you on track in the game.

How to Get Lives – A Cheat

If you want to get more lives without asking from your Facebook friends but don’t like waiting for a long time before it can get replenished, there’s one hack you only need to remember. Just follow these steps:

Go to Settings, date and time, then set it ahead over a few hours. Next, open Farm Heroes Saga, then check if your lives are already replenished. After that, go back to your Settings to change the time back. There are times where you’ll see a negative or if the lives are still not replenished. In times like these, just keep on adjusting the time.

Cheats or not, these tips and hints will surely help you get ahead in your Farm Heroes Saga plays. Make sure you follow them nicely for the best gameplay experience!

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