Merge Mansion Cheats – Useful Tips to Quickly Progress in the Game

Posted on May 29, 2022
Merge Mansion Cheats Useful Tips

Last September 2020, the Metacore Games, formerly known as Everywear Games published an exciting puzzle game called Merge Mansion. If you’re an avid fan of playing puzzle games and prefer merging games, then this title is suitable for you. This exhilarating game depicts a unique combination of the typical progression components of match-3 games and some gameplay procedures of the usual merge games.

Merge Mansion is an intoxicating story-driven game where you’re tasked to clear and explore an old manor by utilizing various objects you’ve got from merging elements on the board. With that said, your main goal must really focus on merging elements to generate items that can help you clear your way in the mansion and progress. Take note that there are no such things as levels to take, but you need to unlock different locations to start working out new objects.

No to Merge Mansions Cheats? Check Out These Tips & Tricks!

As you play Merge Mansion, you might see yourself progressing too slowly, which tends you to find ways to progress faster and look for cheats. Well, forget about those Merge Mansion cheats because it’s always best to advance in the game legitimately! Therefore, let these tips and tricks help you out so you can progress in the storyline!

1. Keep the Permanent Source Items Sustainable

In playing Merge Mansion, there are Permanent Source Items with a purpose. These items are known as the focal point of the game and are used in dropping other objects on the board. Furthermore, these are known to be higher-tier objects that can be obtained by combining lower-level items.

Take note that most of the items you see on the board can be permanent source items if merged up properly. During the early stages of the game, it’s highly recommended to merge the objects randomly. Feel free to explore the board and get oriented with the objects. While doing this, you might not know that you have already unlocked some permanent source items that can help you out on the tasks.


2. Don’t Forget the Dusty Ones

As you explore the board, you’ll notice that there are loads of elements that are enclosed with cobwebs that seem to be dusty. Though these dusty items are inactive, you still need to unlock these objects by combining them with an active element that shares the same tier level. However, take note that these dusty items are not movable unless you activate them. If you wish to save more space on the board, activating these dusty items can be a good move.

Merge Mansion Dusty Items


3. Focus On Your Tasks

As you start playing Merge Mansion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll do a lot of exploration on source items. As you progress in the game, try setting yourself to crafting some items that you’ll need on your tasks. So once you start unlocking some locations, you’ll notice that your board starts to disarrange; in dealing with this, you need to move slowly and try to focus yourself on those elements that can help you finish your tasks.

Merge Mansion Tasks


4. Find Ways to Level Up Logically

In order to level up faster in Merge Mansion, you need to complete your tasks. By accomplishing tasks, you’ll receive tiny blue stars as a reward, known as XP. The more the task is complicated, the more XP you’ll get, which means the more you’ll level up. What’s more exciting about leveling up is it gives you an opportunity to obtain various boosters that are important for your progress. However, getting the blue stars is slower when using boosters.

To speed up the progress, you can opt for crafting upper-level objects on the board. Once you obtain a high-level tool, you’ll get a chance to bring an extra energy point. If you’re not aware, you can actually merge the XP stars, combine them properly and get a chance to collect more energy points, which means you can do more things and acquire more XP.

Merge Mansion Tool


5. Struggling? Use Your Boosters!

If it happens that you are stuck in a specific location, don’t forget that your boosters are there to rescue you. Most of the time, these boosters are obtainable each time you level up. Usually, you’ll have three boosters when you hit a level. Though boosters are there to save you from your struggles, it’s always best not to become over-dependent on them. Be sustainable with your efforts in leveling up your can.

Merge Mansion Boosters

So, that’s it for some of the best tips without using any Merge Mansion cheats! We hope that these tips & tricks help you a lot in playing this puzzle game effectively. Furthermore, these are not cheats but helpful tips that ensure you pass without cheating. If you want to know more information, updates, tips, and tricks about Merge Mansion, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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