Play Together Fishing Guide – Every Player Must Know

Posted on October 21, 2021
Play Together Fishing Guide For Players

Play Together is a fun-filled casual multiplayer game that features many options to enjoy the game itself. You can either play some mini-games, engage with other players online, modify your character, and many more. It is a wholesome and exciting game perfect for any age. This exciting game is filled with various challenges for you to take, and by completing these missions, you will earn in-game currency, which enables you to buy important items in the store, outfits, and furniture for your humble home.

Play Together – The Fishing Guide

Along with completing tasks, you can also earn money by engaging in fishing activities. You can sell your catchers for money or let these fishes be part of your home’s aquarium. In Play Together, you can encounter many types of fishes, and each fish depicts a rarity; the rarer, the price will be higher. So, before we jump into the types of fish, let’s start first on how to fish in Play Together. If you want to fish in this game, you need to navigate the “Fishing Shop” from the Kaia Island Map.
Beach Place

Once you get there, you need to select your fishing rod. In Play Together, the more expensive your rod, the more possibility of catching rare fish. Then, it would help if you choose an area to fish, you could try around the beach, but most players prefer fishing in the Harbor. When you get the advisable fishing area, you will see an icon of a floating fish and simply click it to start your activity. Upon throwing your bite, you will notice an exclamation point which means the fishes saw your bait, and any time these fishes will hit your bait.

To know if the fish has bitten your bait is when the fish wag their tail powerfully. In that case, you need to click the lift icon and get the fish. If you get delayed for a second, the fish will probably escape. Upon catching the fish, you can choose if you want to preserve it or show it off. If you are aiming for more rare fish, you can go farther from the shore. You can either swim heading to the lighthouse area or use yachts to catch fish offshore.

Fishing Rods

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What are Fishing Rods?

As mentioned above, fishing rods play a significant role in catching rare fish. By acquiring the best fishing rod, you can make the most of your fishing experience. You can choose an amateur rod, feline rod, duck rod, and a wooden rod. If you want a better fishing rod to catch rare fish, you should choose a duck rod. This rod costs $2250 and repairs for $750. On the other hand, a wooden rod has an acorn ornament and is equipped with novice anglers. But this rod has no special abilities.

What is the Fish List?

If you want your fishing activity more seriously, you might end up accessing the Fish Book to boat your fish collection. Every fish you caught will be in your collection. There are three types of fishes, legendary, rare, and common fishes. Legendary varieties have the rarest fish in the game and are hard to catch and with the highest value. Legendary fishes include Axolotl, Alligator Gar, Crocodile, Finless Porpoise, Golden Shiner, Giant Manta Ray, Inia or Dolphin, Piracucu, Killer Whale, Blue Whale, Sea Turtle, Whale, Crowned Hammerhead Shark, Goonch Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Shark, Goliath Tigerfish, Softshell Turtle, Dolphin, and Ocean Sunfish.

On the other hand, rare fishes can be found in various places. If you want to get this kind of fish, it is best to use the best rods. This variety consists of more than 20 fishes, namely Atlantic Cod, Crowned Arowana, Blobfish, Clarion Angelfish, Flower Horn, Footballfish, French Angelfish, Garibaldi, and Yellow Grouper. Additionally, rare fishes can be in the form of Nautilidae, Northern Snakehead, Peppermint Angelfish, Piranha, Rainbow Trout, Red Stingray, Red Seabream, Seahorse, Slender Shinner, Spearfish, Tiger Puffer, Tuna and Yellowtail.

Lastly, common fishes are easy to find and can be in a particular locations. Once you decide to sell your catches, you can simply visit the fishing store and talk to the NPC there. You can choose either selling it or place it in your fish tank. You can buy a fish tank for 450 stars.
Fishers And Fish In Play Together


Final Thoughts

Play Together will always find a way to make its players enjoy the game while earning in-game currency. By taking fishing activities, you can earn money or show your friends how cool you are in terms of getting legendary fish. Just get the best rod, and find the right place, and you are set to get fish. It takes patience to get fish; the more you spend or invest in this activity, the better fish you will catch. Did you already start fishing in Play Together? If yes, share your fishes here, and let’s see who got the most legendary ones.

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