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Posted on November 19, 2021
Play together Best Trick

Last November 2019, Play Together, a casual and exciting game, was released by Haegin. It is an exciting game perfect for any age as it gives loads of social interactions with innumerable enjoyable tasks to complete and minigames. In this game, you will have all the freedom to play the game and how to engage in it. As you play the game, you will be set in an open-sandbox environment where you will run in various hubs and meet other players. From there, you can chat and at the same time have fun with them.

In addition to the other players worldwide, you can also interact with various NPCs, specifically when doing errands and accomplishing tasks. As you complete your quests, you will earn in-game currency to buy clothes, accessories, vehicles, and even a home. Though the gameplay is fun and straightforward, you might see yourself lost as you land on Kaia Island and don’t know where to start.

So, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks you can use to progress in the game effectively and make your gameplay more exciting as well. Here are some tips and tricks a player must consider when playing this interactive game.

Fulfil Every Beginner’s Quest

Upon landing Play Together, you are first required to create an avatar that represents you. After creating your avatar, it’s time to explore the sandbox game and start it by accomplishing the primary missions of Ms. Info. To locate Ms. Info, the manager will lead you to the Info Center, and from there, you will get your first list of quests. Also, you will get rewarded with 100 stars for meeting Ms. Info.

As you access the missions, you will notice that you need to complete seven basic quests, and some quests give stars upon completing them. Your quest basically starts in the plaza, and it is the place where you mostly get stars. If you are not located in the plaza at the moment, you can simply access the navigate button and follow the arrows leading to the quest’s location.

Player’s Tip: Generally, you can skip all missions and simply click the “complete now” button and eventually get the same rewards. However, these missions serve as your tutorial to understand the game better.

Upon completing the list of beginners’ quests, you will have an in-game currencies such as stars and crowns. Also, you will get your first skateboard which you can use in your following missions.

Get Ready to do Pizza Delivery Missions

In Play Together, one of the monotonous and most manageable tasks you will be dealing with is being a pizza delivery boy. It is a task where you can efficiently get stars and cash. So, if you are up to something and you need stars or cash, you can consider being a pizza boy all day. The pizzeria is located next to the mart in Kaia Island’s plaza. If you can’t figure out where the shop is, you can easily click the map on your device and get there using the generated map.

Pizza Delivery On Pc

Upon reaching the pizza shop, you will meet Papa Mino in front of the shop and click the “?” button, and a pop-up dialogue will appear saying that he’s asking for help. To help Papa Mino, you need to click the “Yes” button and start your pizza delivery tasks. There will be a time on the left side of the screen, so you better start moving before the time runs out. There is a designated time for each customer when doing pizza delivery missions. Don’t miss the 50 cash bonus upon confirming the mission. You will get an additional reward once you finish delivering pizza to all customers.

Player’s Tip: If you want to earn more in every mission, you need to click the 3x reward button after every task. To collect this kind of reward, you need to watch a 30-second video. Once you get these rewards, your rewards will get multiplied by three. For example, if you got 100 stars for delivering pizza, you will achieve 300 stars if you aim for the 3x rewards.

Fast Pizza Missions with the Skateboard

After completing the beginner’s quest, you will be entitled to rewards and a skateboard. As the pizza delivery mission stipulates an ample amount of time, it can be more effective and helpful to ride on your skateboard for you to meet the designated time, especially if the customers are too far from each other. To access the skateboard, you can simply click on the red backpack located on the right side of your screen. From there, you click on the “vehicles” corner and activate your skateboard for your avatar.

Tips of How to Conquer the Game Party

As you access the right side of your screen, you will notice the “Game Party” button. At the Game Party, you will experience fun and excitement, as it offers 17 mini-games. Aside from the mentioned button, you can alternatively enter the “Game Zone” building in the plaza. In each game, you need at least 30 players. These players are randomly selected and grouped in rounds. In each game, there is a time, and all players needs to come to the finish line by avoiding various obstacles before the timer ends.

Game Party Pc

If you did not successfully hit the finish line, you would be removed from the group and get stars based on how you play the game. But, if you are competitive enough and successfully reach the goal, you will advance to the next round, where you will play a more challenging game. The progress is continuous until a player stands out. The winner will get tons of stars and crowns for its superb performance. Here are some lists of games you can play and some handful of tips on how to conquer them.


In this game, you will be playing in a hexagon tower, and your goal is to reach the bottom floor first. To achieve the goal, you need to take into the hole and descend until you reach the finish line.

If you want to win in this mini-game, you need to view the floor more clearly by zooming it to the top view of the floor. Also, it helps you to play with a group and follow their path. With these tips, you will get a greater chance of progressing in the next round.

Speed Racing

Among other mini-games in the Game Party, this game is one of the most difficult ones. As the game’s name suggests, your goal here is to be the fastest player to reach the finish line. To successfully get to the end goal, you need to work with your timing.

As you play the game, a signboard “Jump” will guide you along the way. This is true especially under challenging junctures. It will give give you a clue on when is the right time to jump. If the game is set in clouds, it is best to see the clouds before jumping to prevent defeat.

Run the Wall

If you are familiar with Takeshi’s Castle, this game will be more accessible for you. In this Play Together game, you need to run on constricted lanes packed with different obstacles. The game is simple, follow the track and reach the finish line.

Run The Wall Match PC

There are also red and blue arrows along the way. Your movement will speed up once you run over the red ones, while blue arrows will slow you down. If in case you get stuck with an obstacle, move away from it right away.

More Exciting Tips & Tricks

To achieve an engaging gameplay experience in Play Together, you need to take up daily missions. These missions are usually located on the right side of the screen. Once you complete these missions, you will get stars and gems in exchange. Aside from completing missions, accomplishing achievements enables you to level up your avatar and unlock more clothes, accessories, and actions. Finish these achievements, and get rewards such as bonus gems.

Additionally, you will get a chance to earn stars and gems by inviting friends through your “My Friends” corner. You can also make stars by fishing, catching fish, and selling them in exchange for stars. So, here are our lists of Play Together tips & tricks that will absolutely help you progress in the game. Do you have yours? Feel free to share them here at EmulatorPC. For more updates about your favorite casual game, stay tuned here.

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