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Imposter 3D - Immerse in Space-Themed Deceit & Find the Imposter

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Imposter 3d On Pc

Imposter 3D

Developer: Deevlap

Category: Strategy


Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the online universe of Imposter 3D, crafted by Deevlap. This gripping space-themed game invites players to immerse themselves in a 3D world teeming with suspense and secrets. In this multiplayer marvel, collaboration, strategy, and combat take center stage as players strive to rescue mini crewmates from the clutches of a deceitful Impostor lurking within the virtual cosmos to sabotage the plan.

Unravel Thrilling Multiplayer Adventures

The key features of Imposter 3D online promise an engaging gaming experience. With online multiplayer magic, players can team up with friends or face off against rivals in sessions hosting up to 10 players, each assuming the role of a daring space explorer. The game offers a diverse array of modes, including Mafia, PvE, PvP, Zombie, and Hide and Seek, ensuring that every encounter delivers a fresh and thrilling adventure. The exploration of various 3D worlds such as “Space Station 12,” “Gelios,” and “City-16” adds an extra layer of excitement, with each environment bringing its own unique challenges and atmosphere.

The gameplay is enriched with twisted tasks and challenges, requiring players to tackle intriguing assignments, navigate through vents for escape, set traps, and unravel mysteries using a trusty flashlight. The Impostor role introduces an intriguing dynamic, allowing players to transform into the deceptive character and strategize to take over the spaceship. Alternatively, they can join forces with fellow crewmates to expose the traitor, adding an element of mystery and strategy to the gameplay.

Customize Your Thrill in Imposter 3D

The graphics and overall gaming experience in Imposter 3D are heightened by its creepy 3D settings. Players can adjust features to tailor the horror thrill to their liking, with the option to toggle “skimmers” for a toned-down experience when things get too intense. The game invites players to join the galaxy’s most thrilling hunt, challenging them to decode the mysteries of the Impostor. The pivotal question remains: will players choose to save the innocent astronauts or become part of the menacing deceit? The choice is theirs as they embark on an unforgettable online journey in Imposter 3D

3D Impostor Game Features

  • Online multiplayer with up to 10 players
  • Various game modes: Mafia, PvE, PvP, Zombie, Hide and Seek
  • Explore diverse 3D worlds like “Space Station 12” and “City-16”
  • Engage in twisted tasks, escape danger, set traps, and use a flashlight
  • Play as the Impostor or collaborate with crewmates to uncover traitors
  • Creepy 3D graphics with adjustable settings for a personalized horror experience
  • Toggle “skimmers” for less intense gameplay
  • Embark on an unforgettable online journey, decoding Impostor mysteries

Unleash the suspense, master strategy, and uncover the Impostor’s secrets! Dive into the immersive world of Imposter 3D now. Play on PC and explore similar thrilling strategy games on EmulatorPC like Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor and Silly Royale – Devil Amongst Us.

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