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Super Sus - Who Is the Impostor – A Strategy-Based Multiplayer Game

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Super Sus – Who Is The Impostor

Developer: PIProductions

Category: Strategy


Enter Super Sus: Who is the Impostor—the next level of the 3D game Among Us! This addicting game allows you to socialize with local buddies and people from around the globe. It will give you the thrilling experience of becoming a crew in outer space. Along with other players, you must work together to keep the spaceship from crashing. This, while keeping an eye on the impostors who want to kill crew members.

An Impostor is Aboard Your Ship!

Super Sus is a social deduction game that will transport players aboard a ship. The players are composed of a staff of individuals and a fake protagonist who intends to kill them all. Those who have experienced playing the iconic Among Us game will understand what this game is all about. But this time, the journey is entirely in three dimensions. The crew member’s goal is to finish every assignment given to them. The impostors must, on their end, sabotage the ship or murder the whole crew.

Super Sus boasts more than 20 roles as a bonus, and they affect the goals and traits of the characters. Each round allows up to 10 participants to play simultaneously, either local mates or random gamers from around the globe. The game’s multiple game modes and its brief yet action-packed gameplay make it one of its major advantages. Playing this game will surely make your gaming experience enjoyable.

Discover & Eliminate the Super Sus Impostor!

Super Sus is also equipped with puzzle gameplay designed to challenge your problem-solving skills. To arrive safely to your destination, players must work together and take on various character roles in the game. Along with being aware of their own duties, individuals must also keep an eye out for impostors. Be aware because you may encounter those who don’t follow the rules.

The game’s controls have been carefully adjusted to work with a variety of devices. For PC, use your right thumb to murder another crew member and interact with the environment, while you can use your left thumb to maneuver the crew around. Each maintenance duty that the crew performs has a unique minigame associated with it.

There is a seven-minute time limit per game session in Super Sus. While the crew is performing spaceship maintenance during this period, the impostor must attempt to annihilate the crew. On top of the traditional style, which lets you play the original game, four other game modes are available. It lets you play in a variety of different ways.

Super Sus is hands down among one of the finest free party games that you can play on PC. It not only features a similar gaming experience to Among Us but it also has more game options, more characters, and more variety. Plus, with extremely stunning aesthetics and an in-game voice chat tool, too.

Download Super Sus & Enjoy These Features

  • Social deduction with puzzle game elements
  • Smooth 3D animation in high-definition graphics
  • Seamless multiplayer and single-player gameplay
  • Multiple game modes to play
  • 20 various roles to choose from
  • Seven-minute game session to finish your tasks on time
  • Play with friends or other online players around the globe

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