A Simple Gameplay Guide to Claw Stars – A Cute Gacha Game

Posted on September 25, 2021
Claw Star Simple Guide Gacha Game

What if you were sent to space for survivability experiments? What if you got into an accident while in space and were forced through a temporal wormhole? And in a matter of seconds, millions of years went by, and you became a super-intelligent species, trying to find your way back home. Well, in Claw Stars, you get to experience all of that and more as a hamster! It’s a gacha-like adventure game, where hamsters have the chance to explore a universe transformed by time and save other animals using the Claw.

Claw Stars is an arcade game published by Appxplore (iCandy) heavily based on the ever-popular Japanese toy-vending machine game. In a way, it’s a casual game that won’t force you to acquire and upgrade heroes or explore a fantasy world. Instead, it’s very simple because you only need the help of the Claw to rescue animals. Hack, Kidnap, and Loot your friends, and obtain unique collectibles. You will also have the chance to build and restore your planet and other planets to make it livable like the way it used to be. Finally, customize your Spacesuit and Spaceship to your heart’s desire! Let’s get to know more about Claw Stars here!

The Fun & Unique Gameplay

The game started with the story-telling of the hamsters that were sent to space for survivability experiments. They were warped through a wormhole, where seconds turned into millions of years. The hamsters became supper-intellectual animals who built their spaceship to go back to their planet. Upon arriving, everything has changed, and it’s time for the hamsters to save the animals and restore the planets to their original state. With the help of the Claw, you can rescue these animals that are trapped within mysterious orbs while obtaining unique treasures and collectibles at the same time!

The core gameplay of Claw Stars is to use the Claw to grab items from heaps of orbs, pods, gems, and other goodies. It has the same style as that of a toy-vending machine you see inside arcade shops. You will slide the Claw left and right, then tap the button to drop the claw and see what you’ve picked up. You will either rescue an animal, obtain collectibles, and so much more!

After that, you can build Habitats on the planet. Click the menu and find the Habitat option, where you will find all the upgradeable buildings and the animals you rescued.

Also, if you want to go to the next planet or world, you need to rescue a number of critters and upgrade the buildings to the maximum. Upgrading them will let you earn hearts from the buildings. If you reach a hundred hearts, you will also receive a bigger prize.

Meet the Main Attraction – The Claw

The Claw is given to you by Alice after helping her do different tasks on Plane Earth. You will use the Claw to save the animals over at the abandoned zone. It’s filled with relics from the old civilization, and the critters are trapped inside the orbs.

Claw Stars Game

Image Source: Claw Stars game

First, you need to control the joystick to move your spaceship into the highlighted part of the abandoned zone. After that, you press the paw button to drop the Claw and grab the orb. Once the animal has been saved, they will go back to the Habitat right away.

Once the animal is back to Habitat, they will give you a claw and you will earn stars simultaneously. You have to remember that Claw stars mean you only have a certain number of claws to work with. Occasionally, you will find more inside the orbs or if you watch a 30-second ad. The only way you could restock your Claw stars is by waiting for a very long time. If you have no claws, you generally have nothing to do. But if you have gems to spare, you can purchase a certain amount of Claw stars. You can also use real money to buy them if you’re impatient.

Exploring Other Worlds

As you progress through Claw Stars, you will find out a lot of things. As mentioned above, you will need to rescue a certain number of animals and build all habitats to the maximum level to explore new worlds. And in the next world, you will have to save more animals and also build more habitats. Eventually, you will be able to restore many planets. At the same time, you will need to claw more items and collectibles, which will all play a part in your journey.

Some of the items you will be grabbing are more claws, a blockade to block the other players trying to build coins, a hacking pod to hack other players and steal their coins, and so much more! It has all the elements of action, adventure, arcade, and casual fun you’re looking for in a game. It’s a fun and engaging game that will make you turn on your PC to play. Best, it’s available on this site for free! Download here in EmulatorPC to enhance your gameplay experience on a bigger screen!

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