Hay Day Tips & Tricks – A Top Guide On How To Grow Your Farm Fast

Posted on November 10, 2021
Hay Day Growing Farm Tips

Developed by Supercell, Hay Day is a casual-simulation farming sim that fits any age, especially with those with green thumbs. Like the usual farming games, the game shares the same mechanics that includes managing crops and livestock and filling up customers’ orders for you to improve your farm. Additionally, Hay Day is a game that teaches players how to manage time and resources to create a specific outcome. Generally, if you play the game, you will notice that it is time-consuming. You need to spend hours and hours every day to keep everything smooth.

So, to help Hay Day players to improve their farm fast, we’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks a player must know that will definitely help you grow your farm fast and get more cash. There is no need to settle for in-app purchases, as these Hay Day cheats only require hard work and time.

Hay Day – What Is This Game All About?

Before we jump into the central core of the topic, let us know brief information about Hay Day. The gameplay of Hay Day is straightforward. But, if it is your first time playing this game, it will teach you the basics of how the farm works and how to harvest crops and feed animals. The game’s main point is that you need to earn points by filling up the orders with the particular things you produce on your farm.

As you progress through the game, the difficulty level will increase, and you need to improve your farm by acquiring more items such as a bakery and more. In due course, the bread produced by your bakery will be used in making hamburgers. Managing and boosting your farm takes time. But if you want a quicker approach, you can choose to play through microtransactions where you need to release money from your pockets. In this guide, you will learn various tips and tricks on staying ahead of the game without spending a single penny.

6 Hay Day Tips & Tricks A Player Must Know

Here are the tips and tricks you might need to level up fast your farm and save money.

1. Manage your seeds effectively

Upon harvesting, you will notice that every crop you planted will release double units. For example, if you planted corn, it would yield in two corn units. Don’t be tempted to use all the seeds in your silo for the sake of more profit. Plant seed according to your needs, or you will be stuck on spending diamonds to buy seeds. As for starters, it is highly recommended that you must have a fine stock of feed like soybeans, wheat, corn, and more in your silo every time. As you progress in the game, you will primarily use these feeds as your farm grows.


2. Don’t plant fast-growing crops during the night

Crops such as wheat, carrots, and corn require only a few minutes to be ready for harvest. In contrast, plants like pumpkins and indigo require hours. If you want to maximize the time of progress in Hay Day, it is best that you take slow-growing crops before sleeping or doing more important tasks such as work or school. In that way, once you recheck your farm, the crops are ready to harvest. Like crops, products and livestock also need hours to get it ready. So, it is also recommended to establish them before taking off to bed and expect them to be ready as you wake up the following day.

Hay Day Farm


3. It’s acceptable to drop the visitors at your farm

As you play the game, you will notice that visitors will try to buy your goods. It’s alright to ignore or say no to them, especially when you will not pay a premium for them. It is not an offensive act and will not affect your farm as well. Don’t worry; these visitors will come again soon to your farm unexpectedly. You can choose to sell chicken eggs or wheat as you can produce these products quickly.

Hay Day Visitors


4. Utilize the roadside stand to top up your cash box

If you feel bad ignoring visitors who wish to buy to your farm, you can instead bring these visitors to your roadside stand and sell them to your Hay Day friends. To do this, you can simply check the newspaper and check what your friends sell and emulate.

Hay Day Cash Box


5. Don’t feel bad saying no to some orders

As you progress through the game, you will notice that your bulletin board will be filled up with various businesses nearby. Though they can pay you fairly, sometimes there is a tendency that your stocks do not match their needs. Sometimes, your customers will ask you for items that you might can’t produce. Whenever this happens, it is alright to drop the order and dump it in the trash.

6. Scrutinize your orders

Whenever orders come, you will notice two numbers; the coins and the stars. Coins serve as your income in exchange for goods. While stars are your experience points, you will earn in accomplishing the order. To progress effectively in Hay Day, it is more efficient to choose orders with higher experience and even less cash. Upon following this tip, you can effectively help your farm level up quickly.

Hay Day Orders

So, that’s it! Hope this guide helps you level up faster in Hay Day and turn your farm into a grade-A farm swiftly. If you have any Hay Day cheats or tips, feel free to share them here, and let’s boost our farms all together! For more information and updates about this casual game, stay tuned here.

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