Dragon Tamer – Comprehensive Gameplay Guide for New Players

Posted on July 3, 2021
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Dragons used to be known as myths and legends and from the typical ‘save the princess from the clutches of the fire-breathing dragon’ story. These creatures are fearless and are feared the most. But who knew that you could easily tame them and become their friends? In Dragon Tamer, you get to test your skills in taming all kinds of dragons while mastering the art of dragons. Do you have the skills to become a tamer? Prove yourself and get to know all the fantastic and powerful dragons in the game as you find the best dragons and make them your friend. Also, Dragon Tamer lets you collect eggs, hatch and raise them, and breed new and exotic dragons.

Who knows? You might end up with a legendary dragon! Train them to form the ultimate dragon league. Once you’re confident enough, let them fight against other dragon tamers around the world! But take note, these dragons are not your pets, but they are your guardians who will fight your battles with you. So, give them the life they deserve. Lead them to victory, and become a well-known dragon tamer all over the world! If you’re new to Dragon Tamer, you only need to remember a few things, such as how to raise them. But the most crucial part is to know the best strategies to tame them successfully. For more information, learn more in this post and become a dragon tamer.
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What Dragon Tamer is all About

Are you ready to show off your skills in taming dragons and become a full-fledged dragon tamer? Go on a crazy adventure full of action in Dragon Tamer now. It’s a turn-based strategy game where you get to lead your unique team of powerful dragons to victory as you fight other dragon tamers from around the world. But aside from all the fighting and combat, Dragon Tamer offers so much more. In this post, get to know its basics and strategies about Dragon Tamer.

Don’t Spend Your Gems Carelessly

Since Dragon Tamer is a free-to-play game, developers will always find a way to earn through in-game purchases. The main currency of Dragon Tamer is Gems, and you can use these to buy items or accomplish tasks a lot quicker. It can be tempting because some players may want to finish their tasks right away, so please remember to not spend your gems entirely on these. You can pay them by purchasing statues, upgrades for habitats, and extra workers for construction. Spend it where it matters.

Have a Wide Variety of Dragons

The main objective of the game is to collect dragon eggs, hatch them, and train them. At the same time, you can breed two dragons, and you also need to wait to hatch these eggs. It can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it’s all worth it. Remember that it’s essential to have different dragons because it allows you to experiment with their strategies and skills. A diverse dragon collection can put you at an advantage in different game modes, too.

The Secret is to Raise the Dragons Well

The most crucial part of being a dragon tamer is to raise your dragons well. You need to build habitats, and it depends on the elements of the baby dragon. If there is no room for a baby dragon, you can move one baby dragon to another habitat as long as it coincides with its elements. Aside from their living conditions, ensure that your dragons are well-fed to keep them strong. If you can cap their level by feeding them, you can do so.
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Ensure You Have Enough Gold & Food

You can keep your island thriving if you have enough gold and food. You can earn gold through different activities, such as playing in Adventure mode, playing in the arena, and selling dragons you no longer need. But the fastest way to earn gold is by collecting gold accumulated by each of your habitats. The more dragons in a habitat, the more gold you make.

At the same time, you will need food to feed your dragons. One food farming technique is called the Sunlight Plant Technique, where every 30 seconds, your crops are ready for harvesting. You can collect as much as 600 foods in 30 seconds. Just make sure you have multiple farms to get food faster and more frequently.

Get Ready to Battle

Dragon Tamer is full of action, and there is no shortage when it comes to combat. You can form up to five dragons in one team and sometimes get assistance from a friend’s dragon. To get an advantage during your battle, you must understand how the elements work because elemental damage plays a vital role in any match. Using a dragon that can resist a particular element has more chance of survival than those that do not. For example, Earth is stronger than Electricity but weak against Metal, or Light is strong against Nature, Fire, and Water but weak against Dark and Psychic.

Aside from that, the training you give you your dragons will help you better understand the battle. Effects and debuffs will appear on your dragon’s head, which indicates if they are inflicted with damages. For example, Disarm looks like a bunch of chains, Taunt looks like a demon’s head, Freeze looks like a snowflake, and Stun is a spiral icon. And many more. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these icons to know what to do if these debuffs inflict your dragons.

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