Dude Theft Wars Cheats, Tips & Tricks This 2022

Posted on October 19, 2022
Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars is an open-world Sandbox Simulation with a humorous physics-based action gameplay mechanic. This multiplayer game comes with an amusing ragdoll element and an offline game mode packed with fast-paced action sequences. In this open-world game, you may fly planes and drive cars. The city is also filled with entertaining gameplay; you can ride a bike or take a helicopter ride to unwind.

This online game is perfect if you have a taste for action-packed adventures and good times. A large open world filled with adorable individuals who are never bored or idle. The person you control as your hero is just a regular guy who moved to this hip town and found a wonderful life. The area is unbelievably gorgeous and pleasant at first glance. But you’ll change your mind pretty soon! Actually, it’s a strange environment where you can engage in all kinds of bizarre behaviors. Whether you develop into a good person or a criminal in this place is all up to you! You will always have complete discretion over your actions.

Dude theft wars cheats

Like most online multiplayer games, Dude Theft Wars comes with an in-game currency. The currency is used to purchase vehicles, weapons, and other in-game items you can use to your advantage. With that said, the game also comes with various cheats and tricks. Speaking of, today we will take a quick look at some of the latest cheat codes. Not only that but we will also include the new features and other tips you can apply in the game.

Getting Started

As soon as you press the start button in Dude Theft War, a house will appear. Start your gangster life outside by pressing the bottom-left joystick button to maneuver your character left, right, back, or forward. There is an attack button in the bottom-right corner, which you may use to fire people or jump and zoom in. The clock is located directly above the zoom-in symbol; click it to adjust the game’s speed.

When the game first starts, you have grenades and a bat. Click the top-right corner to equip other things. To view a list of your phone’s apps, click the mobile device in the right-center.

  • Duber is an app that allows you to purchase a fancy bike or automobile. You may view the promotional film to get yourself familiar with it.
  • You may also want to watch the video advertisement to receive free bucks or use real money to purchase in-game currency, in the store section.
  • You can also follow your whereabouts on a map by navigating the finest software on your smartphone, Maps, which is an open-world game. It serves as a navigational aid. To save your game’s progress, select Save Game.

New Mini Game

The Dude Theft Wars game also features a brand-new mini-game in its most recent version. You can get free money by playing this mini-game. As you roam over the map, you will find a basketball court. When you see a football xD, you may Click the “play mini-game” button there, and start playing it. With simple controls you can easily launch the ball into the hoop, just drag your mouse from bottom to top.

Additional Features

Also, the game now includes Thanos vehicles, helicopters, more islands, and the ability to destroy trees. Enter the cheat code once more to make it inactive. Tap the minimap in the top-right corner and the “my location” button in the bottom-right area of the map to see your current location. You can also see a few more navigational icons on the map’s left side, including the police station, town hall, home, and gun icons for firearms. To get there, simply follow these directions on the map.

Dude theft wars cheats


How To Enter Cheat Codes?

It was mentioned earlier that there are some cheat codes that you can use to gain advantages in the game. Follow the steps below to enter the codes:

  • Open the Dude Theft Wars from your desktop
  • On the left corner of the computer screen, select the Phone icon by tapping it
  • Click Cheats.exe
  • Activate the cheat codes listed below
  • Happy hacking!

Cheat Codes

Now, here are some of the codes we gather for you:

  • Moongravity’s effect: makes flying easier
  • Giantdudes – Effect: promotes giant-like growth
  • The ANTDUDE effect shrinks you down to the size of an ant.
  • Effect of HEYTAXI: Cars will be brought to you
  • DUDEKONG has the potential to blow up adjacent cars.
  • NOSFOREVER – Effect: will make your car go faster
  • SUPPAHOTSLAP: Can kill others in your immediate vicinity by shooting your hand.
  • Effect of changing the time to night: Nighttime
  • Effect of changing time to Day: Daytime.
  • Change the hour to evening to have the desired effect.

Dude Theft Wars Additional Tips & Tricks

Aside from the Dude Theft Wars cheats, there are also relevant tips and tricks you should apply to maximize your gameplay.

Ways To Earn Money from Scratch

There are many ways for you to earn money from scratch in the game, see our suggestions below:

Dudetheftwars cheats


  • Grab the money and use a bat or explosives to attack people.
  • Explore the city, go to the counters of the shops and stores, and take the money.
  • Click the mobile icon to open the store and view a video advertisement to receive free money.
  • In the most recent version, you may now get money by pulling off dangerous stunts.
  • To get a flying automobile, tap the mobile symbol, then tap Duber, then watch the video ad. Once you’ve finished watching, glance up to see the flying car. To operate the flying car, jump and click the “enter” button right away. Perform tricks (backflips) to gain money.
  • Play a quick mini-game.

How To Obtain Weapons?

You will start the game with just a bat and a few grenades, as already explained earlier. Go to the gun shop, click the map, and then follow the GUN symbol on your screen to purchase a weapon or more grenades. Enter the store selling weapons and buy it; Equip the weapon, point to the grenades, and click on the purchase option to get the purchasing choice. Equip the firearm, indicate where you want to buy the ammunition, and click it. Then voila, you already possess weapons now to start doing your missions and to apply your game strategy to maximize the game.

Now that you already have how to use Dude Theft Wars cheats, tips and tricks, why not try applying your newly gained information today? Download the game and play it on your PC for free! For more fresh and relevant game-related news and information, just check EmulatorPC from time to time to get updated!

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