Empires & Puzzles Farming Guide – Learning the Best Way to Farm

Posted on September 24, 2022
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Empires & Puzzles is a unique puzzle game. It’s able to combine the simplicities of a match-3 puzzle game with the complexities of a role-playing game. It’s why this game is fun to play and also why many people love playing it. Since this is mostly an RPG, one of the most important objectives in the game is to get stronger. Whether it’s leveling and developing your heroes, crafting items, and so on. All of these things have a goal of getting stronger in Empires and Puzzles Farming.

But getting stronger in Empires & Puzzles requires resources, which you’ll do a lot of farming here. This is why this blog post will provide an Empires and Puzzles farming guide. It will provide tips and information regarding farming to help you in the game.

The Different Types of Empires and Puzzles Farming

It’s important to remember that there are different types of farming in Empires and Puzzles. When you say farming, it can be farming to level up or develop your character. It could also mean farming for materials you’ll use to craft items or to acquire rare items. It can even mean farming for resources to use in the game. So, when you think of farming in the game, make sure you know what you should prioritize.

All of them are important, but it’s best to stick to one first, so you can focus all your effort there and maximize the gains. Deciding on what to farm first will also make it easy for you to choose the right location on where to do that. Take note, that not all locations will provide everything you need. So, it’s best to just prioritize one first and then move to the next, once the desired outcome is achieved.


Best Levels To Farm For XP, Recruits, & Resources

For this section, we’ll look at the best levels to farm recruits, experience, and resources in the game. For the recruits, the best way to farm them is in Season 1 stage 6 level 8, and stage 8 level 7. For the feeder for your heroes, it’s on Season 1 stage 1 to 8 (all levels), and stage 9 level 1. If you’re looking for troops’ feeders, it’s just the same as for hero feeders, except it starts on stage 3 instead of stage 1.

For food resources, go to Season 2 Stage 27 (Hard, all levels), to get a lot of food resources. For iron, you can go to Season 1 stage 17 level 1. And lastly, for the experience farming, it’s Season 1 stage 23 level 11 and Monster chests are at Season 1 stage 7 level 4.

Best Levels to Farm for Special Elemental Chest

If you want to complete the Special Elemental Chests, then this is the section you need to look at. To farm for the Fire Chest, you need to defeat Fire Monsters and they’re found on Season 2 stages 3 levels 4, and 8 (39WE, but during Atlantis Rises only). You can also find them in Season 1 stage 4 level 1 (60WE). For the Ice Chest, you can find Ice Monsters at Season 1 stage 8 level 7 (42WE).

Farming for Nature Elemental Chests

To farm for Nature monsters to get the Nature Chest, you can go to Season 1 stage 8 level 4 (42WE), or Season 2 stage 7 level 1 (30WE, but during Atlantis Rises only). For the Dark Chest, go to Season 1 stage 7 level 4 (36WE) or stage 8 level 4 (42WE). Lastly, the Holy Monsters are found on Season 1 stage 10 level 6 (56WE) and Season 2 stage 13 level 1N (3WE, but during Atlantis Rises only.


Farming Mission Chests

For Mission Chests, there are two, the Monster chest and the Hero chest. For Monster chests, you just need to farm at Season 1 stage 7 level 4. You’ll likely need to repeat the stage 4-7 times to be able to get two Monster chests, but that won’t take long since this level will likely be easy for you. For the Hero chests, it’s a bit different.

You’ll need to do hero kills in tournaments and raid counts. You will need at least 40 hero kills in the tournament. You’ll likely need to use 2-3 tournament flags to reach the 40-hero kill count. You’ll also need to try to win at least 3 raids with the flags you’ll use. Do this twice to reach the two Hero chests you need in a day.

Farming for Crafting Items

When it comes to farming crafting items, All stages in all Seasons drop a particular crafting item. For example, in Season 1 stage 1, you’ll mostly get Common Herbs. If you go to stage 23, it’s mostly the Firestone and Grimoire Dust. Though it’s great to know where each material is, it’s not as important compared to other materials. You’ll be able to easily figure out where you need to go to get a particular crafting material. Besides, as you progress in the game, you’ll usually be able to store a large quantity of these.

Other Materials to Farm in Empires & Puzzles

There are other materials you can farm in the game like the Mystic Vision, which occurs every 8 hours. So, just make sure you’re available to play during the time they’re available. Then there are also titans, which require that you understand how to calculate titan loots. Once you understand the calculations of loots, focus more on getting to Loot Tier 14 or at least Loot Tier 9 to get more titans as rewards.

The Importance of Empires and Puzzles Farming

Empires and Puzzles farming is very important. It’s a way for you to gather the things you’ll need to get stronger in the game. The guide provided above can help you properly farm the items or materials you’ll need to become stronger. For the meantime, make sure to stay tuned here in EmulatorPC if you’re looking for more guides like this one.


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