Food Fantasy Characters – An Overview of Most Popular Combos

Posted on August 4, 2022
Food Fantasy Characters Overview

Whether you’re an avid fan of restaurant games or you are an RPG player, Food Fantasy never ceases to amaze everyone. This food-personalized RPG developed by Elex will take you into a world of a virtual restaurateur. Like other RPGs out there, the game offers a relaxed gameplay experience that you will like. This experience encourages many new players to add this game to their favorites. Making this game more preferable to other restaurant-related games.

Running a restaurant in Food Fantasy is only possible with the help of its characters who are called Food Souls. They got their names after the food elements in the game. Each of the Food Souls has its unique abilities. To leverage their abilities, you have to create an effective team out of them and gain an advantage over your enemies. There are 80 Food Fantasy Characters to choose from which you can form a team called a combo. With the combo, You can send these combos into the battle to gather loots for your restaurant.

Food Fantasy Food Personified

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In this article, we are providing you with the most popular combos of Food Fantasy characters. They are just a part of 80 total characters, but choosing them wisely will give you a competitive advantage. Though you can create your combo to play the game, the suggested combos here can help you in advancing effectively. Feel free to use them as you play this immersive game. So, without further ado, let’s know about the following most popular combos.

Milk & Black Tea

  • (Support) Milk ® and Black Tea (SR) – Milk has the ability to summon a heavy rain that can recover his team member’s health by 221 points.
  • (Magic) Black Tea (SR) and Milk (R) – Black tea can jump while aiming at all the enemies from the sky. He can inflict damage to all enemies up to 60% with an extra 560% points of damage.


Black Tea


Pastel De Nat & Napoleon Cake

  • (Strength) Pastel de Nata (SR) and Napoleon Cake (SR) – As someone who can use his whisk, Pastel de Nata flings his delicacies to all enemies. He can deal 60% damage in every strike with an extra 231 points of damage.
  • (Magic) Napoleon Cake (SR) and Pastel de Nata (SR) – Napoleon Cake is brave enough to raise his gun to all his enemies. He can snipe them to inflict 60% of damage in every strike in addition to 306 points of damage.

Spicy Gluten & Boston Lobster

  • (Strength) Spicy Gluten (R) and Boston Lobster (UR) – Spicy Gluten’s main skill lies in luring the nearest opponent and lashing them in surprise. Through that ability, he can deal 120% in damage with extra damage of 92 points. She can also charm any potential target for only 4 seconds.
  • (Strength) Boston Lobster (UR) and Spicy Gluten (R) – Boston Lobster is one of the Food Fantasy Characters that has immense strength that can deal 100% of damage to his nearest enemy. Not just that, he can add an extra 578 points of damage which can increase to 20% over 12 seconds.

Crab Long Bao & Long Bao

  • (Defense) Crab Long Bao (UR) and Long Bao (R) – With his giant claws, Crab Long Bow flings giant clawed-crabs nonstop at his enemies. Through that, he can deal 120% in every strike to his nearest target with an extra 453 points of damage. He can also cause his target to get stunned for 3 seconds.
  • (Magi) Long Bao (R) and Crab Long Bao (UR) – Long Bao has the ability to send a number of mini steamed buns to beat up approaching enemies from the air. With that, he can deal damage of 60% to all his enemies with 165 points of damage.

Tangyuan, Gyoza, Plum Juice, & Zongzi

  • (Support) Tangyuan (SR) and Moon Cake (SR) – From her spoon, Tangyuan can leap up to restore 195 points to all friendlies. He can also make them enter a state of invulnerability for about 4 seconds, but make himself fall asleep at the same time.
  • (Defense) Gyoza (R) and Tangyuan (SR) – Gyoza can send a wave of financial resources, making himself indestructible for five seconds. Aside from that, he also has the capability to recover fast by sleeping deeply for five seconds.
  • (Strength) Zongzi (R) and Tangyuan (SR) – With his expertise in swordsmanship, Zongzi can assail his nearest opponents at ease. He can deal 60% of damage in every strike by doing this with 104 points of damage. Along with his immense power, he can reduce enemy defense by seven every five seconds.
  • (Support) Plum Juice (R) and Zongzi (R) – Plum Juice always prepare summer drinks for teammates and restore their life up to 360 health points. At the same time, he can also restore 52 target health points for about three seconds.



Final Verdict on Food Fantasy Characters

Now that you are familiar with the list of Food Fantasy characters and have the most popular combos, it’s time to put them to the test. Though these combos cannot assure the effectiveness of your performance in the game, they are helpful suggestions. After all, it’s up to you as a player to be successful in every aspect of this game. The list can only help you in forming your powerful teams. Therefore, considering other approaches is a sweet take, especially when there are new additional characters.

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