Gacha Club Game Review – A Fun & Exciting Game Worth Your Time

Posted on November 1, 2021
Gacha Club Party Friends

Gacha Club is an anime-style casual game that offers a combination of role-playing, fashion, and mini-games. This game is loaded with so much content. Though you are acquired to be a little bit cleverish, you will surely enjoy playing this game for hours.

Published by Lunime last 2020, Gacha Club is undoubtedly a perfect game for people who wish to kill time and loneliness. Here, you can join the club and enjoy a party. The most fantastic thing about this game is you can dress up your animated character with fashionable outfits. If you want to know more about this game, stay tuned to this article.

Dress Up, Fight & Enjoy in Gacha Club

Gacha Club’s gameplay focuses on three parts: character modification, battle, and exciting mini-games. Suppose you are a player who aims to be the famous kid at the party. In that case, you better unleash your creativity in customizing your anime character by dressing them up with thousands of fashionable items. But if you are striving for more excitement, you can try out its RPG aspect combat system. Here, you can unlock potent units to progress in your journey or check out unique items for your characters.

Gacha Club Battle

If you want to maximize the fun and thrill, you can play things in the mini-game mode, where you can have a chance to unlock pets and units to be utilized during your battles. With these inclusions, you will indeed have no reason not to enjoy Gacha Club.

Dressing Up the Chibis

Whenever we hear about Gacha Club, we usually refer to a cute fashionable chibi loaded with unique outfits and accessories. In this game, you can modify up to 10 main characters. This feature of Gacha Club is remarkably in-depth.

In this part of Gacha Club, you can customize your characters by changing their skin tone, size of the head, hairstyle, shape of the mouth and nose, and more physical features. Also, you can dress up your chibi character with various outfits, weapons, accessories, and more. Additionally, you can be more detailed by choosing from a wide range of colors. For example, you can change your character’s lip with the color of your choice upon changing the mouth’s style.

Customizing your character is free to do at whatever time you want. You can also take pictures of them in the studio. From there, you can create scenes with various foregrounds and backgrounds. Additionally, you add some text bubbles to make your character look like speaking.

Enjoy Gacha Club’s Battle Mode

In Gacha Club, the battle mode has the main story to accomplish. It is also the gameplay where you can explore the Training Mode and Elemental Towers. The game’s story will pop out through text windows and not be narrated, so you need to read patiently to understand better what you need to do.

Gacha Club Selection

Upon entering the battlefield, your units will automatically attack the opponents. You can also click on your character to release its unique ability. In every battle, you are also required to collect stuff that will help you boost your units and make them more powerful. Aside from valuable items, currency is also achieved upon completing every battle.

Earn Currency With Gacha Club Mini Games

Lastly, Gacha Club enables every player to enjoy its fullest by participating in various mini-games, including dancing games, memory match games, and more. In this part of Gacha Club and Battle mode, you will earn currency that you can spend on gacha pulls.

Gacha Club Rewards

These gacha pulls are used to unlock pets and units that you can use during battles. It also features a mystery box where you have no idea what’s inside before buying it. As for the record, you can collect 150 pets and more than 180 units. Though the game offers mystery boxes, it doesn’t require players to make in-app purchases. Meaning, you need to grind and play more to earn currency you will use to buy gacha pulls.

Other Exciting Aspects of Gacha Club

Aside from its catchy and nonstop charming gameplay, you will surely notice that Gacha Club portrays attention to detail. You can observe this while doing character customization, wherein you make decisions in the creation stage. From the shape of the mouth, the color of the lip, and so much more. You can even notice the color of the sparkles once you choose the hairstyle of your character.

On the other hand, Gacha Club also offers a creative soundtrack style similar to what you hear in anime games. However, you might find the beat a bit repetitive upon spending an hour in the game. Let’s hope that Lunime will expand on soundtrack options soon.

Final Thoughts

If you are an avid fan of Gacha games like Gacha Life, you will surely love playing Gacha Club! This casual game is indeed filled with a plethora of activities perfect for every player. It is a hub where you can dress up, earn and play mini-games, and explore various stories in turn-based battles with your friends!

Regardless of your reason to play, either you want to boost your creativity or kill your boredom, you got the best spot here in Gacha Club. For more information and updates about this cutesy casual game, stay tuned to EmulatorPC.

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