Gardenscapes Cheats & Tricks – How to Play the Game Smartly

Posted on May 19, 2022
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For anyone who is not familiar yet with Gardenscapes, it is a classic story-driven casual game that comprises two modes: home makeover and match-3. At first glance, the game looks like a simple children’s game, but as you progress, the levels get more complex and challenging. Thus, users stuck in the game eagerly search for cheats and hacks to pass through the hard levels. While plenty of Gardenscapes cheats and hacks are flaunting on the internet, readily available on all devices, most of them are fake and not working.

Surely, that makes you disappointed but do not sulk in the corner just yet. You can still enjoy and improve your gameplay in a much better way. Instead of cheats however, we will provide you some Gardenscapes tips and tricks to ace well in the game (*without cheating).

Gardenscapes Cheats, Tips & Tricks

In Gardenscapes, the match-3 gameplay makes users transfixed in the game as it is what makes players able to unlock the levels. Aside from that, it entertains but also challenges your mind to do critical thinking. So, whether you are a rookie or a master player of this game, these tips will surely help you advance smartly at every level.


1. Observe & Analyze the Puzzle Board

Observing and analyzing the board are the first two things that players should do before taking their first move. This is to know where to start moving the pieces. However, most players, particularly rookies, commit the common mistake of taking the first move without even analyzing the entire board. They just move the pieces thinking that it will work and help them complete the level. While it usually works at the first easy levels, instantly taking moves without thinking will not work on the preceding harder levels.

Taking a short glance at the board can help you avoid randomly matching objects and making wrong moves. To make smooth and smart moves, make sure you study the position of every piece. In that way, you can easily advance to the next level and save more lives.

2. Make Combo Matches

The Gardenscapes game carries a matching principle common to most match-3 games. Players need to match at least three pieces to clear the board. But, making combo matches would be essential in the game as they generate power-ups. To make a combo match, look all over the board, spot and match 4 or more pieces. Mastering this strategy will help you make bigger matches, and quickly finish the stage. You may also pay attention to some matching cues in the game. It will lead you to a bigger match and better power-ups as well.

3. Use Power-ups in the Proper Way & Right Timing

Power-ups are one of the precious tools to use in Gardenscapes as it is hard to earn. It is recommended not to waste power-ups in every stage, particularly in easy levels. You have to save it for more difficult levels. Another thing is using it at the beginning or even in the middle of your game is not advisable. It is best to utilize it when you run out of moves or you feel that it is the only way to clear the game.


4. Play Mini-Games & Collect Daily Bonuses

Aside from being strategic in the game, playing the mini-games and collecting daily bonuses and rewards is one of the most simple Gardenscapes cheats. You can spin the wheel once a day and open boxes to claim all these precious bonuses and prizes. Bonuses are composed of hearts, gold coins, power-ups, and boosters. You may take advantage of these mini-games and daily bonuses to maximize your gameplay.

Gardenscapes Rewards


5. Practice, Adapt & Improve Your Game Strategy

Once you build your tactics, make sure to apply them when you play. Practice it until you master it but never stick to one pattern forever. There are times when the strategy you used in the first easy levels will not work in the preceding difficult levels. Do not be afraid to change or modify your strategy.

Always make room for improvement. Remember that every day will be another game with new sets of pieces. So, by playing every day you can discover better ways to improve your gameplay.

How to Pass Hard Levels in Gardenscapes?

The main principle of Gardenscapes match-3 game is to clear the board as much as you can to advance to the next level. Some levels will test the player’s patience as these levels are indeed unpredictable. Sometimes, it will twist your brains to think of better strategies to clear all the levels.

But do not be tempted to use any illegal Gardenscapes cheats. It is still better to play the game fairly and cleanly though. Besides, using smart tactics to complete the game is much better and gives more satisfaction than buying MODs, tools, or apps. After all, the game’s ultimate goal is to entertain and challenge players’ minds. Not just about playing the game for the sake of winning.

If you are fond of playing classic games like Gardenscapes, you might also like Homescapes. It also has an interesting storyline, a fun match-3 puzzle game, has home designing feature and hails from the same developer, Playrix Games. All these games are free to download and play on PC.


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