Garena AOV: Link Start Review – Is It Worth Trying Out

Posted on June 10, 2021
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One of the most exciting and competitive games you can play is Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. It’s a multiplayer game that will pit 5 players against another team of 5 players inside a battle arena. The goal for each team is to destroy the main building located on the enemy’s base. It’s a fun game full of action, competitive battles, and amazing teamwork. This is why there are many MOBA games available to play. One such MOBA game is Garena AOV.

Published by MOBA Games Private Limited, it’s a multiplayer MOBA action game that will let you experience awesome MOBA gameplay. In this match, player’s get to team up with 4 other players and then choose from a wide array of heroes. You then go to the arena and battle it out with another 5-man team. The first team to destroy the enemy’s main building on the base will win.

But is Garena AOV: Link Start a game worth playing? After all, there are already many different MOBA games out there, so why play this one? We’ll discuss all of these things in this blog post. This post will be a Garena AOV: Link Start review, and we’ll see if this is a MOBA game that’s worth playing.
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What Differentiates Garena AOV: Link Start with Other MOBA Games

We won’t discuss the gameplay anymore since it’s a typical MOBA game. So there really isn’t anything different when it comes to the gameplay. You form a 5-player team and then battle it out against another 5-player team inside the battle arena. The goal for each team is to destroy the opposing main building found on the enemy’s bases. Though the main gameplay is similar, there are still some differences between Garena AOV: Link Start and other popular MOBA games like Mobile Legends.

For one, the roles in Garena AOV are more defined. This means that if the hero you choose is a Jungler, they’re more likely best for Jungler roles. They won’t perform well if you try to use them in other roles. Skills are also a bit delayed when you cast them, so you also need to adjust and get used to them. Garena AOV: Link Start is a MOBA game that puts more premium on teamwork than individual play.

You will rarely see 1 player being able to take on and defeat 5 opposing players. It’s a game where you will really need your team to win matches. So, cooperation and coordination are more important here than being a very skilled player. This doesn’t being skilled is not needed, but teamwork is going to be the primary way you’ll win in this MOBA game. Let’s now look at what’s good and bad about Garena AOV: Link Start.

What’s Good about Garena AOV: Link Start

Let’s discover more about Garena AOV: Link Start and know what’s good about playing the game. For those who have tried it already, you might have an idea how everything goes in this phase. Still, look for all of the signs, and you might have the same good impression as well on the game.

Detailed & Refined Graphics

One of the things that we love about Garena AOV: Link Start is that the graphics are more detailed and refined. It’s not cartoonish, which is something that not everyone enjoys. If you’re someone who enjoys more realistic graphics, then you’ll also enjoy this feature. The realistic and more detailed graphics can enhance your gaming experience since you’ll feel all of the action happening more. So, this is a big positive for this MOBA game.

Awesome & Fast-paced Gameplay

Another great thing about Garena AOV: Link Start is its awesome and fast-paced gameplay. Matches in this MOBA game are usually quick and intense, especially if your team has great teamwork and coordination. The MOBA game’s focus on team-oriented gameplay also results in amazing team play and cooperation. And if you like this type of gameplay, then you’d love playing Garena AOV: Link Start.
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What’s Bad about Garena AOV: Link Start

Of course, there is always a bad thing in every good phase. Let’s uncover the bad side or cons of playing Garena AOV: Link starts on your PC. However, this does not mean that playing the game itself is bad in all aspects.

The Lack of Servers Available to Play

Probably the biggest complaint against Garena AOV: Link Start is that it doesn’t have many servers available. This part is especially true if you’re a player from certain countries. The game currently only has 1 server available, the Baratayuda server, and it doesn’t provide good gameplay for all players of this MOBA game. Players from certain countries can’t play the game properly because they experience lag and high PING.

It would be great if the developers add a few more servers. This is to provide more options and allow players from certain countries to enjoy playing.

Heroes are Not Balanced

Another issue with Garena AOV: Link Start is that heroes are a bit unbalanced. Most players know that this thought is especially true for the new heroes that in the game. Many of them are too overpowered, making it hard to compete unless you also use new heroes. It would be great if the developers balance the heroes available, so the new ones won’t be too overpowered.

Verdict (3.5/5)

Overall, Garena AOV: Link Start is a great MOBA game to play. It has an exciting and fast-paced gameplay that many players will enjoy. It also has realistic and detailed graphics, which can enhance the overall gaming experience. It’s unfortunate, though, that the game currently only has 1 server available. The imbalance of heroes can also be an issue. But despite that, it’s still a good game to play. So, we’re giving it a score of 3.5 out of 5.

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