Tiny Island Survival Guide – 6 Tips & Strategies A Player Must Know

Posted on July 2, 2022
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Can you imagine yourself stuck on an unspoiled and mysterious island alone? Can you manage your survival? Let’s check what you’ve got by playing Tiny Island Survival. In this adventure game, you’re going to take a journey alone on a mysterious island. This survival and adventure game was published by Game Start LLC last June 2021. With our Tiny Island Survival guide, you’ll learn how to effectively play this game.

Aside from exploring the bizarre island, it’s also your mission to collect various resources and create weapons and items to collect more significant resources to ensure your survival. Also, you need to protect yourself from various enemies who wish to steal your resources. As you progress in this game, you’ll get a chance to unveil some dark secrets of this island.

To help you how to play this game better and to survive this island right on your PC, let this Tiny Island Survival Guide assist you and give you some points on what you need to focus on in this fantastic adventure game.


Tiny Island Survival Guide

Here are some tips and strategies you must not miss in playing Tiny Island Survival.

1. Create a Shelter to Regenerate Your Hearts

As mentioned above, in Tiny Island Survival, you need to collect resources to create things you need for your survival. To do this, you must perform necessary actions such as collecting stones, mining rocks, chopping trees, and more. Take note that in every action that you make, you need to spend a heart. The Hearts are at the top left portion of your gaming screen. Once your heart turns to “0”, that means you can’t work any activities anymore. Therefore, you need to wait until your “Hearts” are reenergized.

To rejuvenate your Hearts, you need to create a shelter. To build your shelter, you must first collect a particular amount of wood. In the beginning in the first island, you can create your shelter once you have 3 wood. To collect the wood, you must use a shovel to cut down some wood from the small trees.

Tiny Island Survival Shelter

Once your shelter is established, you can simply enter it whenever you wish to regenerate your Hears. All you have to do is click on the shelter, and your character will enter it. You need to wait a few moments to recharge your energy fully. You can refer to the green bar on your screen if your character is already fully reenergized. Once it’s complete, you can start refilling your Hearts.

2. Opt for More Extra Slots for Your Hearts

As you start playing Tiny Island Survival, you’ll have 4 hearts, which corresponds to four activities only. Though refilling your hearts can be done by entering your shelter, it’s not advisable to do it all the time because you’ll waste your time by repeatedly recharging your hearts.

To prevent your character from reenergizing hearts most of the time, it’s best to unlock more heart slots to do more activities continuously. To unlock more slots, you must look for the three colorful creatures on the island and click them once found. These creatures will give you an extra slot for your hearts, but you need to pay coins to obtain it.

3. Find Effective Ways to Collect More Coins

In connection with the Heart slots, you need to be keen enough on how to obtain coins to get more extra lots. Aside from slots, you can also use the coins to expand your inventory more, which is vital as your game progresses. Here are some helpful ways how to collect more coins in Tiny Island Survival;

Treasure Chests

At consistent intervals, you’ll notice some treasure chests that appear on the lower right portion of your gaming screen. Once you’ve seen one, you must click it, tick the green checkmark, and ads will appear. Once the video advertisement is done, you can quickly access your rewards. These treasure chests usually include significant bonuses such as stones, irons, and wood.


As you explore the island, it will be best to chop trees not only for resources but to find the trader. Once you’ve accessed a trade, you need to click it and sell some of your resources in exchange for coins. You can trade stone, iron, wood, and more resources.

4. Prepare Yourself from Determined Stealers

Apart from opting for necessary resources to survive the mysterious forest, you need also to face various enemies who will try to steal your hard-earned resources. Though your resources generate at normal intervals, it doesn’t mean that you’ll underestimate your enemies. As you begin Tiny Island Survival, you’ll meet the skeletal opponents who will try their luck to get your stones and iron.

Tiny Island Survival Stealers

To defend yourself from the tricky opponents, you can fight them or build your fortified barricade. To fight the enemies, use the sword as your weapon. To obtain your sword, you must look for the bald-headed character on the island. Moreover, you need to have 30 wood and 5 stones in order to craft a basic sword. Remember that even if you hit your enemies with your sword, you can’t clear them out permanently. Also, it will cause a Heart once you attack them.

An effective way to eliminate your enemies is by building a barricade around your base. Once you create a barricade, you’ll see a pale outline around the area where your enemies usually roam around. To establish your barricade, you must click the outline and check the materials needed to create your blockade. Most of the time, you’ll need stones and wood. But, as you progress in the game, you’ll need to add some irons and additional resources to fortify your walls.

5. Take Notice of the Path

As you progress in Tiny Island Survival, you’ll encounter more complicated island maps. To understand more about this complexity is by clearing the forests and meeting island residents. To clear the forests, you need to utilize your shovel to chop down trees and axes to get rid of the huge ones.

As you clear trees, pay attention to the brown path, which you will notice from the grassy field. By following the path, you get a chance to find out something surprising or significant about your progress.

Tiny Island Survival Path


6. Don’t Forget to Get Higher-Grade Tools

As you progress in Tiny Island Survival, you’ll encounter some types of trees that are hard to take down. To chop them, you need to utilize a higher-grade tool. To achieve this type of tool, you must craft top-notch pickaxes, shovels, axes, and swords. However, you need first to create your smelter.

Let this Tiny Island Survival Island Guide Help You

So, there you have it! We hope this Tiny Island Survival Guide helps you play this adventure game more efficiently yet enjoyable way. For more updates or information about this survival and crafting adventure game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC!

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