Lily’s Garden – A Comprehensive Gameplay Guide

Posted on July 16, 2021
Lily's Garden guide

Are you ready to jump into the world of a hopeless romantic? Lily’s Garden is a pretty immersive game with a captivating storyline. It’s filled with romance and rediscovery, which is what makes the game so unique and exciting. Join Lily as she restores her grand-aunt’s garden, discover romance, and know all about her roots. Having a green thumb, Lily is not only getting her hands dirty while digging through the garden and tending to some plants, but she will also be digging through the marvelous twists and turns of the game.

Play some puzzles, uncover hidden objects, and solve the mystery about Lily. Also, meet tons of characters that will either become your friend or your partner in life. If you’re a newbie, you don’t need to worry because this gameplay guide will teach you all about Lily’s Garden.

An Amazing Gameplay Guide for Beginners

In Lily’s Garden, there is more than meets the eye. The puzzles may look easy, but they will require a lot of concentration. Especially, because there are goals to be met and objectives to follow. But, don’t worry because this gameplay guide will show you the best strategies to overcome these challenges.


The Importance of Stars

Stars are what you need to earn to complete a task. As you progress through the game, there are many things to do to restore Lily’s great-aunt’s garden. To do these tasks, you need stars. You can only get these stars by finishing as many puzzles as you can. The more puzzles you finish, the more stars you earn. These stars are used to decorate the garden, plant more flowers and plants, hire some help, and more.

Go Straight to Campaign Mode if You’re Not a Hopeless Romantic

Some players only play to complete the puzzles and the whole game. They are most likely not interested in the storyline, even though the love story that will bloom in Lily’s Garden is very entertaining. It highly depends on the player. Thankfully, the game allows players to go straight to puzzle-solving without the need to follow the storyline.

You can find the shortcut for the puzzle board at the bottom right corner of the lobby, where you can go through the levels at a much faster rate than the Story Mode. In addition, you can play without watching the cinematics at Lily’s Garden as well, which can be a waste of time for those who want to play the puzzles right away.

Keep an Eye on Your Moves

When you play puzzles in Lily’s Garden, you always need to watch out for the number of moves. Remember not to waste your moves on unnecessary matches. Match as many tiles per move as possible to reach or complete your goals. Just like most match-3 games, you can match three or more tiles with the same colors to win the level.


Activate the Rocket Booster

As you go through the higher levels, they will become more complex. For example, you will be asked to bring a bag of seeds to the bottom of the board. For this instance, you can activate a rocket booster by matching seven tiles. It can clear out an entire row or column of tiles. Doing this will significantly help you in levels that look almost impossible to finish.

Blow the Bombs

A bomb is another power-up, which is a lot more powerful than a rocket. Like any other bomb, it blows up a large part of the board within its vicinity. Combine eight or nine tiles to create a bomb, and don’t hesitate to trigger it as soon as you see it–as long as you do it methodically.

Meet the Magic Flask

To create the Magic Flask booster, you need to merge ten or more puzzles on the board. Considered as the most powerful among the three boosters, once unleashed, the Magic Flask, can create massive destruction that will totally clear out your board. This makes finishing the level even easier. So, make sure you spot them on your puzzle board at all times.

Launch a Combo Attack

Create a simultaneous attack by activating power-ups all at once. This combo attack will surely wreak havoc across the entire screen, and you get to win the level, yet again!

Get Your Boosters Ready

Learn and memorize the power-ups in Lily’s Garden because they play an integral part in the game. Once you know how to use each of them well, you can quickly maximize each of their potentials. As long as you see a chance to create a combo attack, never hesitate. This is your greatest help to win the levels and renovate the estate much faster.

There are also the power-ups that are already available even before the puzzle-solving starts. For example, a hand trowel power-up allows you to clear a single tile by tapping on it. Of course, you only need to use it when there’s only a single tile left.

These guides will help you become a master at matching tiles in Lily’s Garden. Surely, these tips are enough for you to successfully renovate Lily’s garden, and help her meet the love of her life in the game.

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